Tech21 iPhone 7 & 8 Plus Evo Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector Review

I always have a tempered glass screen protector applied on my phone but I have recently found even the semi-premium ones are becoming incredibly shoddy and I have found them to slide around and become dislodged and get a lot of dirt stuck underneath which goes against the entire purpose of this.

Thanks to Tech21 for sending the Evo Glass for the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus out to me for review. However, this does not affect the content of my (Siddu’s) review.

These first set of images are of my old screen protector just to show you a before and after comparison of generic tempered glass screen protectors compared to the Evo Glass by Tech21

The Evo Glass has a premium price tag of £34.95 (at the time of writing) which is far more than others you may see on Amazon or eBay. This will definitely put some people off but there is definitely reason behind this.

Upon receiving the package with the Evo Glass within, I was impressed by the time and effort taken to craft this and the packaging definitely matches the price tag. It seems very similar to the style of typography and design work that Apple does.

Inside the package, you get the tempered glass screen protector and one thing I did notice was that it was much more flexible than I was used to these being which may be down to the impact protection which is claimed as unrivalled. There is also a patented Evo glass applicator which is Tech21 branded. It is kind of a holder to slot your iPhone into and it is a very tight fit to ensure you are applying the screen protector properly. There are also instructions alongside a Tech21 branded cleaning cloth.

You firstly clean the display with the cloth, then insert the phone into the applicator, peel off the plastic along the sticky side, and then apply on the display. Afterwards just wipe it down again with the cloth and remove the applicator.

A few things I did notice was that the cut around the home button is quite spacious compared to my previous screen protector. This does mean the chance of debris building up directly on the Touch ID home button is reduced but it does look odd. The camera, proximity sensor and the earpiece are all not covered by the glass. This realistically should help with the quality of the front-facing camera since it doesn’t have a layer of adhesive and glass over the top.


The screen protector has a very smooth transition across the edges which means that your finger glides easily when using the home button. This makes the screen protector sometimes disappear. I am personally not a fan of screen protectors which have a coloured element on the front because it just doesn’t allow the screen protector to seem natural. The completely clear glass on the Tech21 Evo Glass means the phone doesn’t seem odd.

Having a smooth finish means there is very little difference between the feeling of the iPhone’s display and the finish on the Evo Glass. I have had some screen protectors which are thicker but have a very distinct feeling and are coarser meaning your finger doesn’t glide easily.

There are microbubbles initially when the screen protector is applied and they are in straight lines, I think they might be because the adhesive takes some time to fully bond to the display and it took around a day or so for me. I have seen this in the past with other screen protectors too.

One amazing thing that I found was that Tech21 have somehow managed to allow the Evo Glass to be very fingerprint resistive so that your natural body oils and dirt don’t show up on the screen as much meaning you are spending less time cleaning the display.

The screen protector sits flush with both sides of the screen which is good as it means there will be very little chance of the screen protector’s adhesive becoming undone. This is mainly down to the fact Apple curves the edge of the front glass ever so slightly resulting in screen protectors having to sit only within the flat section of the display.

I have been really impressed with the quality and overall package provided by Tech21 in the Evo Glass kit, but a few things like the high price and lack of alcohol wipes make it slightly more difficult to recommend but I would nevertheless still recommend it.

Evo Glass for iPhone 7 & 8 Plus


Build Quality






Ease of Use





  • Packaging
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Flexibility


  • No Alcohol Wipes
  • Pricey
  • Cleaning Cloth leaves fibres on screen

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