TCL at CES 2022, Phones, tablets, TVs, Glasses and… laptops?

Like most, TCL isn’t going to Las Vegas for CES, instead, it is holding an online press event. we were able to be briefed on some of the items being launched, including some new phones, some tablets (including a cool NXTPaper gen2) as well as a new laptop and some personal wifi devices.TCL CES 2022

Starting off with mobile, The TCL 30 Series is kicking off with 2 devices coming to the US in the 1st quarter of 2022. The TCL 30 XE 5G is going to be on T-Mobile and Metro ( a subsidiary of T-Mobile) with a MediaTek Dimensity 700, a 90Hz display with a waterdrop notch, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, this is not a super high-end device, but it is bringing 5G access to more Americans. next is the TCL 30V for, you guessed it, Verizon. with a 6.7″ 60Hz display with a hole punch selfie, octa-core snapdragon processor (likely the 680 or 695) and 128GB. I’m sure we’ll get more complete spec sheets in the future.

Next is tablets, and other are technically three series here, the TCL Tab series which has the Tab8 4G, the Tab 10L, the TCL TKEE series which is TCLs competitor to the Amazon Fire Kids tablet series, and lastly we have the NXTPaper 10s, the one I’m most excited about. the TCL Tab8 4G and Tab 10L are quite similar, they’re entry-level android tablets but with the amazing TCL/CSOT screens you’ve come to expect with the NXTVision software enhancement. 8MP rear and 5MP front cameras with “face unlock” using the front cameras. these will launch with Android 11, hopefully with a swift update to Android 12. next is the TCL TKEE series, with three sizes, 7,8 and 10″ called the midi, mini and max, we doty have hardware specs of these devices but the software is the most important here, a fully lock downable kids tablet with a plethora of child curated and safe content including, in a nice and rather novel addition, learning content. the NXTPAPER 10s is cool, this is a successor to the NXTPAPER that was never really actually released as far as I am aware, the concept behind this is to meld colour e-ink and LCD screen to get the best of both, higher contrast and refresh tan e-ink but with the sunlight legibility of e-ink/paper and this is just so cool. it also happens to have an active digitizer so you can use an active pen for drawing, note-taking etc. and with the new improved texture on the screen, it should feel more like writing on paper, if you cannot tell I am extremely excited about the NXTPAPER 10s and I really hope this one launches.

TCL CES 2022

Now we go to look at something we sadly don’t know all that much about, that is TCL’s first laptop, the TCL Book 14 Go. we do know some of the core specs, a Snapdragon 7c Gen2 from Qualcomm, a 14″ 1366×768 screen (bleurgh), 14mm thin, 1.3Kg, 12 hour standby time, 2 USB-C, 1 USB-A and a 3.5mm headphone jack launching with Windows 11. anyone that has been around a while knows how much of a fan of Windows on ARM I am, so getting more players in the game is always a good thing, it’s a shame that this is being announced/released after Qualcomm came out with the Snapdragon 7c Gen3 and is touting performance benefits, but we have to start somewhere, and I applaud TCL for that. After the Book 14 Go is the NXTWEAR Air, these are the next generation wearable screens. these are not VR glasses or AR glasses, these are the equivalent of a  140″ screen from 4ft away right in front of your face. with dual 1080p MicroLED screens and a USB cable with plug and play support for android, iOS and most other platforms, use this as a personal cinema on the plane, on a train on a long car ride, or heck, even when your partner is watching that show that you really dislike and the TV in the bedroom isn’t all that great. at 75g these are featherweight and should be far more comfortable for longer periods.

TCL CES 2022

Lastly, we have TVs. TCL’s TVs are awesome, that’s what happens when you have a display manufacturing facility, much like Samsung and LG, TCL can iterate and show off the top tier TVs at prices their licensees and partners cannot, for 2022 TCL is bringing 144Hz refresh to it’s MiniLED TVs and over 1000 local dimming zones!, whilst that’s still not to the point of MicroLED, the MiniLED TVs from TCL will actually be available, and affordable, which is significantly more important.

These are the current prices we have for these devices (outside of the phones).

  • NXTPAPER 10s $249
  • Tab8 is $129
  • Tab 10l $99
  • Tkee mini $89
  • Tkee mid $149
  • Tkee max $119
  • TCL Book 14 Go $349

All of these are meant to be released somewhere in the first quarter, and hopefully outside of the US soon, I need to get my hands on a Book 14 Go and a NXTPAPER 10s.

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