The Soft Gold version of the OnePlus 3 is coming late July

With the OnePlus 3 being released three days ago, there’s currently only one color option available: Graphite. During the launch of the OnePlus 3 they stated that there would also be a Soft Gold version available “soon after the launch”. On courtesy of Carl Pei, we now know when to exactly expect it to appear in their store.

OnePlus-3-Soft Gold

OnePlus about the Soft Gold version

Carl Pei, CEO of OnePlus, clarified the availability of the Soft Gold version on Twitter, and according to him we should see it somewhere “in the latter part of July.” Although that doesn’t sound quite set in stone, if you’re waiting for the Soft Gold version, you now know how patient you’ll have to be.

The Graphite OnePlus 3 may not be the phone for everyone, but it certainly looks better than the previous flagship devices from OnePlus despite the camera bump. We at MobileTechTalk are going to review the OnePlus 3 as soon as possible, so you could expect a review from us in the coming weeks. Meanwhile you can head over to OnePlus’ website if you want to order it already.

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