Samsung unveiled the world’s first 10nm 6GB RAM module

At the Mobile Solutions Form event in China, Samsung showcased a 6GB RAM chip – and while 6GB of RAM isn’t new in smartphones, I wouldn’t call it mainstream either. At this moment you may start to wonder what is new about this 6GB chip, and the answer is: it’s the first time that a 6GB RAM module is packed into a tiny 10nm form.

Why would Samsung develop smaller RAM chips?


Although Samsung didn’t confirm anything, sources are saying that this 6GB RAM module (LPDDR4) could possibly power the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. Innovation at the side of lithium-ion is essentially at a standstill, which is why we need these kind of developments to make the battery life of future phones better. And the best way to make chips more power efficient is to make them smaller. On top of it being more power efficient, it also needs less room on the motherboard so more space could be devoted to the battery.

Looking at the flash memory market, Samsung has been the biggest player in the past few years, and with the unveiling of new innovative chips like these, it looks like they will be able to maintain this position of authority in the coming years. What are your thoughts on this new innovative chip? Do you think we even need 6GB of RAM in our phones? Do let us know in the comments down below!

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