Samsung discontinues sales of the Note 7 worldwide

After two days of news on carriers halting sales, reports that suggested that Samsung had temporarily stopping production, and official partners disabling apps on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the only piece of news that was needed at this moment, finally arrived today. Samsung is permanently stopping the production and sales of the Note 7 worldwide.

Note 7

Damage has been done to Samsung, and even more to the Note branding, so I wasn’t really surprised to see this decision being made. Especially in the light of multiple “safe” Note 7 handsets catching fire. You may know that Samsung is producing a lot of its own components for smartphones – it originally said that the faulty batteries came from one specific manufacturer – so why the issue is still persistent in the safe devices… Are you sure about the fact that the faulty batteries came from one manufacturer only, Samsung? According to Bloomberg Samsung’s shares fell 8% on Tuesday, equivalent to $17 billion in market value.

The coming months will be hard for Samsung, time to prove themselves once again. It won’t be a quick job, and it won’t be an easy one either. Especially after customers have seen Samsung not being able to fix the safety issue after the first recall. So, what do you think, how long is this going to stick behind Samsung’s brand name? Let us know in the comments below!

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