Pixel 6a pre-orders launch on EE in the UK

EE have just announced that the recently unveiled Google Pixel 6a is on sale on the network and people that sign up before August 1st can get a pair of Google’s well-renowned Pixel Buds A series for free (an MSRP of £99).

Pixel 6a pre-orders

The Pixel 6a is the newest generation of Google’s A series of phones, taking the best parts of their flagship pixels and distilling them down to a cheaper price point. The Pixel 6a keeps the same Tensor chipset that the 6 and 6 Pro have, but the screen drops to 6.1″ (the 6 is 6.4″ and the 6 Pro is 6.71″) it stays at the same 2400×1080 as the Pixel 6, but the refresh rate is 60Hz only, not the 90Hz of the 6 or 120Hz of the 6 Pro. the battery is 4410mAh and charging is 18w, no wireless charging here.

EE announced that people ordering the Pixel 6a have many options, starting at £27 per month. the £27 a month plan gives you unlimited calls and texts with 1GB of 5G data and you pay £70 up front for the Pixel 6a, you also get the free Pixel Buds A series. but the recommended plan is £35 a month, with £30 up front for the phone and you get 10GB of 5G. If you want to go all out though, an unlimited 5G plan can be had for £46 with £0 for the phone and no smart benefits, upping that to £56 gets you one smart benefit, and £61 gets you to 3 smart benefits. Smart benefits are things like an Apple Music subscription or Netflix sub-baked into your monthly payment, neat!.

Pixel 6a

And as stated before, you’re going to be able to get a pair of Pixel Buds A Series for free with these plans until August 1st. the Pixel Buds A Series has 12mm, custom-designed drivers,for great audio, that have an internal vent to equalise pressure but also increase the soundstage of the audio you’re listening to, and all with a battery life of 5 hours of music per earbud, and the case can extend that to 24 hours, lastly, a quick 15 minute top up gets you an extra 3 hours of listening, absolutely banging!

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