The OnePlus 3 won’t be available in red

So if you recently saw renders of the OnePlus 3 in striking Red and thought “I’ll have some of that”, you’re out of luck.

If you’re looking to buy a new smartphone, you’ll always come across the conventional colors like black, white and maybe you’ll be able to see a pink phone every now and then. Sometimes you’ll be able to see some companies going in a different direction though, like with the red HTC A9 which popped up last year. And a few days ago it seemed like OnePlus was following the direction of HTC, a red OnePlus 3 popped up on the internet.

Unfortunately, it seems we won’t ever see the red version, which probably was nothing more than a pipe dream. GSM Arena brought the bad news to the world this morning:

Renders looked convincing enough and a brief listing on the OnePlus website also provided some extra credibility to the rumor. However, a company representative reached out to us today and officially confirmed that the listing in question was an error and that the handset will only be available in two colors – Graphite and Soft Gold. Bummer!

So it seems that yesterday’s rumor was nothing more than that, and this is the reason why you should always take rumors with a pinch of salt. But, perhaps with all the attention and coverage which OnePlus got yesterday, they may change their mind and put the red OnePlus 3 for sale after all. What do you guys think about it, should they sell the red version of the OnePlus 3? Do let us know in the comments below!

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