OnePlus Launches the 10 OnePlus Pro Globally – Finally

After what seems like forever, OnePlus has finally dropped the 10 Pro globally after being available in China for about 4 months. So whilst there isn’t much new, this is still new to most of us.

The screen is a gorgeous 10-Bit 120Hz 1440p Fluid-AMOLED screen, truly a wonderous piece of kit, it also has an insane number of auto-brightness steps for a smooth transition instead of the stark auto-brightness steps you get with other phones, its subtle, but big if you notice it. speaking of the screen its got a peak brightness of 1300nits, but also it’s the first phone to be calibrated at multiple brightness, at 100 nits and 500 nits as well as those are more close to what you’re using, and with the LTPO 2.0 tech going from 1hz to 120hz it’s using less power than the 9 Pro. Under the screen is an optical fingerprint scanner that is thankfully higher up than the one on the 9 Pro was, making it be in a much more usable area of the phone without rejigging your hand. in the top left of the screen is the selfie camera, a 32MP unit in a small punch hole, and right at the top in between the screen and the frame is the small slit for the earpiece.

OnePlus 10 Pro launch

Powered by the top of the line Snapdragon 8 Gen1 the OnePlus 10 Pro absolutely screams and with 8GB or 12GB of RAM as well as 128GB of storage on the 8GB and 256GB on the 12GB RAM model. keeping this all going is a 5000mAh battery split into 2 2500mAh cells, this is charged using the new 80w SuperVOOC charging and 50w AirVOOC wireless charging and with the 3D cooling system that OnePlus says is roughly the size of an A5 piece of paper when spread out, that should keep it from getting too toasty. something that many won’t notice but I’m absolutely here for is the new haptic vibration motor, it’s 40% stronger, and you can feel it, its great.

Moving on to the cameras, this is the 2nd generation of Hasselblad for mobile and it’s looking more impressive than the first shot that’s for sure. The camera set-up is the same as the 9 Pro with a 48MP main camera, 48MP telephoto camera and a 50MP Ultrawide camera, but all the software has been upgraded, one of the cool things, is you can take 10Bit photos on the OnePlus 10 Pro, and whilst that needs the photos to be encoded in the HEIF (high-efficiency image format) OnePlus give you a toggle in the photos app to convert it to a JPEG for easy sharing. the Ultrawide camera has a new fish-eye and a 150-degree mode which look absolutely awesome but have limited use aside from artistic purposes. Moving on to Video, the 10 Pro is certified for 4K120 capture as well as 8K24, and these can be exported/recorded in LOG for better colour grading if you really want to do that.

OnePlus 10 Pro Launch

Software-wise, the OnePlus 10 Pro is running Android 12 with OxygenOS 12, which is much better than the version we got early on with the OnePlus 9, this is much more polished and feels more like OxygenOS and less like ColorOS, however, this is still very heavily moving into ColorOS territory here. OnePlus has let us know that OxygenOS 13 is in development and that the 10 Pro will get 3 years of platform updates and 4 years of security updates, not the best, but far from the worst in the industry.

The 10 Pro will be available from OnePlus, Amazon and John Lewis for the Volcanic Black and Emerald Forest, whereas only Three is picking up the Volcanic Black model. Volcanic Black comes in 8GB/128GB for £799 and the Emerald Forest comes with 12GB and 256GB for £899.

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