Nothing ear 1 Launch Confirmed 27th July

They are certainly doubling down on the marketing behind Nothing, aren’t they? The tech startup, which boasts investment from the likes of Kevin Lin (Co-founder of Twitch), Steve Huffman (CEO of Reddit) and Casey Neistat (YouTuber), is finally launching their first product on the 27th July; an set of earbuds dubbed Nothing ear 1 (branded ear (1) ).

Little is really known about Nothing, founded by Carl Pei, formerly of OnePlus, but we can all be sure that the Ear 1 is the first in a line of tech products on the way. According to Nothing, they’ve “kept the design of the ear (1) top secret”, and whilst that is true, many are speculating the latest in a long line of Apple AirPod imitations.

The only glimpse of anything resembling a product from Nothing is a concept outlining their design principles, back in March 2021. However, given the social media marketing campaign behind Nothing, we expect something a little more exciting – we’ll find out on the 27th July!

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