NINU Perfume – The Perfume of the Future #CES2021

NINU is the first smart perfume in the world with an AI-powered app encompassed in an Italian design inspired enclosure. Who’d have thought it?

It is helmed as being inspired by the greater innovator in perfume history – Peter Florjančič. With the ability to allow personalised perfume fusion in only a few clicks NINU is designed to help reduce the beauty industries 12 billions tonnes of plastic waste.

“Our mission is to give vibrance (and new dimensions) to your every day. The way you feel has a profound impact on your wellbeing and your attitude towards the world. We want you to face the world in your best skin. For that reason, we strive to empower you.

Everything we do is designed to give you that extra bounce in your step when you walk out the door. When you feel good, you perform good, you look good and you do good. With that, our mission is complete.”

NINU is touted as a fresh breeze in the traditional perfume industry that leverages the latest technological advancements whilst honouring the tradition and builds on a millennia old heritage. It combines three different high quality fragrances in a single high tech design which means you can find your scent and play with it. The simple and patent pending that enables you to tailor your perfume to match your mood and the occasion. This means whether you want to boost your energy or find the perfect scent for a special event, NINU will be able to deliver.

NINU was developed after the team set out on a journey by visiting major expos, the largest perfume brands and even perfume-making schools in Paris to bring the idea come to life. NINU decided to make perfumes more playful, fun and personal. So that we can play with them, change them when we feel different and so we never get bored of the same scent.

Even though extensive efforts were put into designing a premium perfume bottle and assembling the best of tech, this was almost an afterthought. The most important feature is the fragrances themselves which are some of the best, 100% vegan, sustainable sources and made from start to finish in France with a strong dedication to quality and a high percentage of perfume oils. The NINU perfumes are phthalate, paraben and sulphate free alongside being formulated to seamlessly fuse and enhance each other to make you feel fresh and sexy all day long.

The history behind the brand is quite interesting.

Once upon a time, in an era of stone palaces and spicy sand, there lived two women. Today, the world would call them scientists or chemists, but back then, they were known by other names. They were Tapputi and Ninu, and their art was combining scents into perfumes to serve the royals of Mesopotamia.

Back then, perfume oils were highly valued for medicinal and well-being purposes, known to cure headaches and lift one’s mood.


The accompanying mobile AI guided app is a core part of the experience of NINU. The AI perfume master Pierre will allow you to embark on a perfume fusion journey. You have full control over the scent with the ability to tone it down if its too strong or to add an exotic note if you are feeling excited. When you start running out, Pierre will remind you to restock with more than a million different fragrances to choose from, you will always find something to pick from.

NINU STRIVES TO REVOLUTIONISE THE PERFUME INDUSTRY. And we were inspired by the man who revolutionized it before – Mr. PETER FLORJANČIČ.

He was one of the greatest Slovenian innovators, transcending time and space, leaving a permanent imprint on the world of perfumery. Being the guy responsible for the rise of the perfume market more than 70 years ago- helping women apply perfume with ease and confidence, without spilling or leaking.

He inspired the team of world-class experts, product designers and engineers at the NINU Institute to spend sleepless nights in pursuit of an innovation that would reimagine people’s well- being, revolutionise the technically-sleeping perfume industry and make a tribute to his legacy. And they did it! They came up with the idea that is now a reality. And this is just the beginning.

There is over 120 billion units of packaging produced every year by the global cosmetics industry which is the equivalent of 12 billion tonnes of plastic by 2050 at the current trend of usage. This is the equivalent of 350,000 Empire State Buildings. NINU uses earth friendly packaging with natural ink used in packaging cartons, refillable cartridges and recycled glass bottles. The last of which helps to reduce the C02 emissions significantly as a 10% increase in recycled bottles use results in a 5% reduction on C02 emissions.

It’s an interesting concept for sure but the complexity may potentially turn away individuals because they don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of customising their perfume, instead they would rather just spray the bottle and be done with it. Not to mention the potentially added cost compared to a traditional perfume.

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