Users report display issues affecting the Moto X Pure

Motorola have worked hard to establish a ‘new’ brand, producing high quality hardware with a great price point. Winning over lots of fans on the process – and just like a lot of other phones, the Moto X Pure has its own sub-Reddit. This can be a place to share and enjoy your phone surround by others doing the same, unfortunately users hay have uncovered a potentially widespread issue with the display.

A picture was posted with a huge grey band behind the navigation buttons. And, as you may have expected: multiple other owners of the Moto X Pure replied saying that they’re experiencing the exact same issue.

For now, it really seems to be a software issue with the display drivers. Users reported that a quick reboot or factory reset resolves the issue. After which it seems to be completely gone for some, while for others it seems to be coming back after a period of time.

Moto X Pure Issues

The devices having the issues are working fine besides that, so it’s likely that it’s just software issue, so there are a few ways they could fix it. Of course we don’t know if the software team at Moto is already aware of this issue, if they are you could expect a patch for it in the coming weeks. And as the device still needs to receive the upgrade to Android 6.0.1 the patch may be included in that update.

If you are currently experiencing this issue, we would advise you to get into contact with Motorola’s support team. The more users are reporting it, the bigger is the chance that Motorola is going to get it fixed quickly. You could also check out their support portal, they offer a few solutions for screen issues over there.

Have you experienced this kind of issue? How did you clear it up?

Source: Android Authority

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