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Consumer technology’s tendrils extend into almost every market segment in 2016 and it has done for some years now. We’ve seen the health market benefit particularly over the last few years with fitness trackers, GPS devices, and even Bluetooth enabled chest straps to monitor everything from heart rate, oxygen levels, the length of the run taken as well as many, many other metrics. We take a look at the 1ByOne Blood Pressure Monitor in our full review.


Well 1ByOne have taken it a little further and have provided an actual health aid for those needing to monitor themselves for specific conditions. Their Blood Pressure monitor is a small, portable unit that runs off of 4 AAA batteries (there is a DC jack for an optional adapter) and is quick and easy to set up and get a reading.

1byone blood pressure monitor

If, for example, you’re unfortunate enough to have a disease such as diabetes which is very Blood Pressure sensitive, you no doubt have to have regular check ups anyway. For peace of mind, perhaps a device such as this would allow you to be a little more pro-active with your management of the disease.



1byone blood pressure monitor

1ByOne don’t just ship the unit on its own of course. In the box is the blood pressure monitor itself, an adult-sized velcro cuff with some simple diagrams of how to use it printed on it, and the inflation tube, as well as a user manual and a carry case also. Packaging is as you expect and the instructions are detailed but simple enough for anyone to follow.


Let’s start by saying this unit is a consumer device and is no substitute for regular health professional check ups, especially if you have a blood pressure sensitive condition. However confidence can be had in this device as the FDA in the US did indeed certify this device for sale for it’s intended purpose.

1byone blood pressure monitorAs you may have already guessed, the whole point of this unit is that whilst it provides potentially life saving information, it has been assembled to be very easy to set up and to use regularly. Setting the time and date is as simple as pressing the “S” button whilst the unit is off and the “M” button to advance the settings accordingly, reading each setting on the large, and easy to read embedded LCD screen. Once set, you’re good to go. Use the easy to follow instructions on the cuff to attach to the arm, and press the Start/Stop button to go through the inflation process and get a ready. Easy!

There are a few other features which make this unit rather useful. Two unique individuals can monitor their blood pressure with this device, with it recording the previous 60 readings for each of the two users. Switching between users prior to a measurement is simply a button press away also.

1byone blood pressure monitorThe user manual is a God send as there are many icons and readings that are on the unit and the manual gives a quick reference table for them all. Regardless of whether you are wanting to ascertain  the mmHg blood pressure measurement, or the BPM, you can easily look this up thanks to this table.

Finally recalling previous readings is as easy as hitting the “M” button whilst the unit is powered down and selecting the relevant record by scrolling through the dated measurements. By default, the first press of the “M” button will display an average of the users’ last 3 readings. Useful!


This might not be the sort of consumer electronic device that the masses can get behind. It doesn’t play music. It doesn’t have a high-resolution LED screen, and it doesn’t have any social media interaction. It’s a throwback to when devices performed a specific task, and completed it flawlessly each time without fail which, in this case, is an absolute must, given the market demographic it’s aimed at.

The 1ByOne Blood Pressure Monitor is a unit that you can rely on to deliver pro-active monitoring of your health, if you’re unfortunate enough to need to utilise its functionality and it’s simplistic, no frills controls mean that we can’t do anything but recommend this device if you’re in need of one.

The monitor can be purchased for a relatively small amount of money at just £18.99, and it comes with a 1 year warranty also.

1ByOne Blood Pressure Monitor











  • Simple to use
  • Good power options
  • Portable
  • Cheap


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