Lexon Oblio 2 in 1 Wireless Charger with UV Sanitisation #CES2021

Lexon’s Oblio is a slightly odd looking product but it didn’t stop the product from winning a CES 2021 Innovation Award.

The name Oblio translates to ‘forgot’ in Italian which forms part of the products heritage. Manuela Simonelli and Andrea Quaglio are the designers behind this vase shaped product and it is ingeniously designed to help people disconnect from their devices’ screens and enjoy the freedom to be present for each other. The Oblio offers the ability to both wireless fast charge your smartphone alongside sanitising the device.

The Oblio offers UV-C LED sanitisation inside its cylindrical shape which helps to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria that are found on our smartphones. This eradicates the DNA of microorganisms that are found in viruses, mould and germs. It is capable of sanitising one side of your device at a time with 360° disinfection possible by flipping the phone around to the other side for a secondary 20 minute run cycle.

Lab testing has proved that Lexon Oblio is able to kill 99.9% of viruses including H1N1 which is a subtype of the Influenza A virus more commonly known as Swine Flu.

The Oblio is powered by a USB C input and uses the Qi standard to charge devices wireless up to 10W which can charge an average smartphone in about 3 hours. An LED indicator light present inside the wireless charging station allows you to see whether your phone is in the correct position along its current charging status.

The overall discreet design is intended for the Oblio to fit in any situation or decor similar to a traditional flower vase. With a choice of four colours including White, Gold, Navy Blue and Matt Black you are sure to find a unit that matches your decor.

Oblio is already available at retailers such as Best Buy and Nordstrom in the US, Fnac Darty in Europe alongside directly through the official online store for €79.90 with a range of other beautifully designed smart home decor also available on their site.

Would you like us to take a look at the Lexon Oblio? Let us know your thoughts on this vase shaped wireless charger & UV-C sanitiser in the comments below!

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