Latest update for the Nexus 5 causes major volume bugs

On Monday the 11th of July Google started rolling out the July security patches, just like every other month.

But this release of the security patches has been plagued with issues for Nexus 5 owners, of which all have to do with the volume control. For some users the in-call volume adjustment went broken, other users were unable to mute apps, and some users even experienced their volume sliders drop just to the point of barely being audible.

As always Nexus 5 users took the bug to Reddit and XDA to notice fellow developers of the bug, the bug has been acknowledged in the code which makes the system unable to allocate audio memory. Google seems to be working on a fix for this bug which should then be included in the next update coming on the 1st Monday of August. If you’re experiencing this bug, you may want to try out the fix made by Franco Francisco, he claims that his fix doesn’t compromise security, but as always with unofficial software, pay attention to what you flash.

Should I flash it on my Nexus 5?

If you’re still on the update with the June security patches you definitely shouldn’t use the fix. You may even want to wait until Google pushes the fix for this issue to the Nexus 5. However, if you’re experiencing the aforementioned issue, you should click here to flash the fix. As always let us know in the comments down below is this fixed the issue for you!

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