Google has updated the package installer UI in Android N Beta 3

At the beginning of Google I/O last week, Google unveiled Android N Beta 3, with some nice improvements over Developer preview 2, and new features. Let’s take the package installer as an example right now: there are no drastic changes, but just a few minor UI differences, as you can see with the new one and the “old” one from Android 6.0.1.

Minor UI differences for the package installer

The first screen at which you need to grant the permissions nothing has really changed, except for the button placement at the bottom. On the installation screen, the installation progress bar moved to the centre with the Android mascot above it. When the app is finally installed it places the check mark in the centre as well, instead of it being at the top in Android 6.0.1.

As far as we can tell, those are the only differences in the Android N Beta 3 for the package installer. Although many of you possibly won’t ever see this screen, and for others it may be something you look at on a daily basis. Do you like the changes? Let us know in the comments!

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