Google in talks to buy Twitter?

Twitter’s days have gone from bad to worse, their growth is stagnant, profits are declining and user interaction is decreasing. So is a Twitter takeover going to save the blue bird from becoming extinct?

twitter-logo-618-340x300Jack Dorsey’s company is in early works to sell itself to potential brands such as Google and Microsoft’s, due to the failures of in house social media platforms like Google+.

Twitter share prices shot up by 20% after an announcement early Friday morning by CNBC. The financial giant Goldman Sachs has been reported to be helping the blue-birded brand to find a buyer.goldman_sachs-svg

Twitter was setup over 10 years ago but failed to make a profit until Q4 of 2015 of a meagre $7 million. The brand’s IPO in 2013 started with a share price of $26 per share, but by May 2016 it had fallen to $17.75. These series of failures couldn’t be offset by the return of Jack Dorsey late last year and he consequently wasn’t able to pull the company’s fortunes around.

The social media giant’s value reached a market cap of almost $16 billion but reports suggest that the board may be asking for $30 billion. Well known American Telecoms giant Verizon as well as USA based cloud computing titan, Salesforce both been seen as potential buyers for the micro blogging site.

Whilst LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft for $26.2 billion earlier this year, Verizon is hot on the heals by making huge purchases of brands like AOL, Yahoo and Fleetmatics so the addition of Twitter would be the next in the line of many acquisitions for the huge corporations.

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