Google unveiled the beta program for Google Maps

After other Google apps in the past, Google is now offering a beta testing program for their Google Maps app.

Every Android user can now sign up as a beta tester for the Maps app to see what’s going to come in the next versions of the app before everyone else using the stable channel gets them. The reason why Google is actually bringing beta versions for their apps is for the bug reports. And that’s also the reasons why Google made the option to easily opt in or out as the app may not be fully stable if you compare it to the app on the stable channel.

Google Maps

The current build on the beta channel is version 9.27, which sounds like a fairly big update coming from 9.26.1 on the stable channel. If you would like to help Google to make their apps even better, you can sign up here. If you’re planning a big trip, and you’re using Google Maps for it you might want to wait after the trip before signing up. The last thing you want to run into is an error message during a long trip.

Google Maps Beta program

Before Google started the beta initiative for the Google Maps app, the beta programs were limited to those whom entered Google Groups for that app. But they recently announced a change in this program making it much easier to sign up, even right from the mobile Play Store client. Just like the stable version, the beta update will receive frequent updates, and they’ll even show up in search results.

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