The First Digital Mirror: Dirror – IFA 2017

I just had to put a few things down on screen about these guys. I like quirky tech, as my still-to-be-fulfilled backing of the Runcible suggests (I think TheMrMobile and I are the only two humans to have ordered it), and the Dirror certainly fits the bill.


You can probably guess from the name what the Dirror is. A Digital Mirror; Dirror. It makes perfect sense doesn’t it. So what exactly does it do? Well it acts as a mirror, as well as a doorway to your digital world. That’s my statement not theirs, but hey Macheete, if you want to use that in press material, just hit me up!


There are three different versions of the Dirror; The Dirror S, Dirror M and Dirror L. Again, the naming convention is simplistic and obvious. These relate to the differently sized options available, and starting from €970 for the Dirror S (10.1″) and up to €2070 for the Dirror L (27″) we don’t think this is too high for what is essentially a peak into the future and a luxury item currently.

At this year’s IFA the newest interface for the Dirror will be released and the device itself features either an FHD or 2K WQHD multi-touch display, integrated speakers with voice control. There’s 32GB of expandable storage on board and it uses Windows 10 at its core to drive the software experience. This is important as it allows a wider range of inter-connectivity with other devices than a bespoke OS would, and provides security and industry standard best practices to boot. There’s 4GB of RAM included with the Medium and Large versions with 2GB in the Small version. The Small has an Intel Atom CPU included and we’re yet to know the CPU in the larger options but I’d suggest it will probably be the same.

I’ll be trying desperately to get my hands one of these to review fully because as we become more inter-connected we’ll be using some of this tech for sure!

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