Edifier NeoBuds Pro Available To Pre-Order On IndieGoGo

Edifier, the award-winning manufacturer of premium sound systems, bookshelf speakers and personal audio devices, is introducing its newest audio product, the NeoBuds Pro, which is available to pre-order on IndieGoGo.

Edifier’s innovative research team conducted hundreds of tests that led to electronic-acoustic technology breakthroughs in the development of the NeoBuds Pro. The earbuds bring premium audio quality traditionally found in speakers and over-ear headphones to a more convenient, compact and wireless package. Its bi-amping with DSP-based active crossover technology ensures the dynamic driver and the armature driver are working in tandem to provide users with premium sound quality, deep bass, and crisp treble frequencies all with truly unique technological advancements.

“With the ever-changing landscape and need of consumers, Edifier continues to expand on its innovation to ensure that the best and most cost-effective products are given to our customers while remaining at the forefront of personal audio innovation” -Stanley Wen, Edifier’s CTO.

A higher, more accurate sampling frequency, leading to higher sound quality and truer tones over traditional earphones, earned the Neobuds Pro a Hi-Res certification. The Neobuds Pro supports the LHDC+ACC codec transmitting 96kHz 24Bit HD audio over Bluetooth, to present a full and comprehensive range of sound with the truest, purest tones of each musical note and instrument.

The Neobuds Pro also has advanced noise-cancelling feature, which outperforms the previous TWS NB2 with deeper, smarter and a more upgraded algorithm. It offers the user a quieter environment to enhance the music listening experience while protecting the user’s hearing from the outside noise. The earphones also feature three precisely positioned internal microphones that were specifically designed for on-the-go phone calls that offer an enhanced noise cancellation algorithm which provides clear, wind-resistant indoor/outdoor communication that is more advanced than any previous Edifier model. Paired with advanced low latency gaming mode and 1-hour fast-charging capabilities, the Neobuds Pro are ready for active and continuous use.

With the seamless, sleek and timeless design of the earphones and charging case, unparalleled comfort, chic style, and high-quality technology, the Neobuds Pro are ideal for consistent use by audiophiles with a taste for luxury and value. The Neobuds Pro will be available to pre-order June 2021 with a retail price of $99 on IndieGoGo.

Please see the full details of the Indiegogo launch here:


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