Campfire Audio Unveils Satsuma & Honeydew Buds

If you’re a casual browser of electronics on Amazon, move on, there’s nothing to see here. Campfire Audio don’t do compromise, and as such might not feature on the first page of your sub-£30 earbud search. Instead, they look to provide products that can accurately represent the artists’ original intention in all its glory. If you like good audio, then you’ll like the new Campfire Audio Satsuma and Honeydew products – but might have to be talked around on the name!?

As the quality and sophistication of consumer playback systems and streaming technologies continue to advance rapidly, Campfire Audio believes that many consumers are seeking a ‘back to basics’ approach with their audio — favouring features such as customised acoustic chambers, full-range balanced armature drivers, and quality cabling over convenient add-ons such as voice command and wireless capabilities. Both the ‘orange-fizz’ coloured Satsuma and the ‘mellow-yellow’ coloured Honeydew earphones are characterised by their superior acoustic performance and instantly recognisable design aesthetic.

“Both the Satsuma and Honeydew feature design characteristics that are also present in our higher-priced audiophile earphone models. With the launch of these two affordably priced earphone models, our intention was to help consumers become more focused on the emotional impact of their music, rather than on features that prioritise connectivity.” – Caleb Rosenau, Vice President of Campfire Audio

Satsuma and Honeydew are distinguished in the marketplace by offering uncommon features at these price points, including patented 3D-designed acoustic chambers, full-range balanced armature drivers, and ultra-high-quality silver-plated copper cabling. Campfire Audio’s entire line of earphones are designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon, USA, and recognised by discerning audiophiles worldwide for their sound quality, craftsmanship, and iconic design.

Satsuma: a highly balanced and natural translation

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The ‘orange fizz’ coloured Satsuma features an aesthetically similar presentation to Campfire Audio’s higher-end range of products, characterised by the company’s unique 3D printed acoustic chamber design. This chamber helps to optimise frequency response curves emanating from the unit’s full range balanced-armature driver. Sonically, Satsuma is characterised by highly focused mid-band frequencies, tightly controlled bass response, and slightly enhanced highs — without the harshness. Satsuma’s clear and balanced sound makes it well-suited for almost any musical genre, particularly rock, pop, classical, or jazz. Its lightweight design and comfortable fit make it equally suited for listening while on the go.

Honeydew: bountiful bass and high-octane performance

Meanwhile, the ‘mellow-yellow’ coloured Honeydew — which also features Campfire Audio’s patented 3D printed acoustic chamber — was designed with a bass-forward frequency response that R&B, Hip Hop, and EDM fans will appreciate. Built expressly for music lovers who crave a punchy and highly detailed bass response that is both fast and dynamic, Honeydew has the lower frequencies covered thanks to a custom-designed 10mm LCP diaphragm dynamic driver.

Both Satsuma and Honeydew feature innovative material selection, eye-catching colours, high-quality cabling, and incredible reliability — making them perfect for listening to your music at home, at work, or while on the go in your everyday carry. From the sophisticated packaging to the colourful, soft-lined pouch and a generous selection of tips to match any size ear, the overall product presentation speaks to Campfire Audio’s commitment to its craftsmanship and the customer experience.

Satsuma and Honeydew’s rigorous build quality— minus the connectivity distractions — means they will continue to deliver stellar performance for hours, days, and years ahead. The weight and strength of its high-end ABS plastic mean that the units can withstand even the most demanding conditions. The absence of wireless features and voice commands means there are no batteries and fewer electronic components that can fail over time.

Both Satsuma and Honeydew — priced at £199/$199 and £249/$249 respectively — are available now at Hifiheadphones (UK), the Campfire Audio webshop (US) and through its network of authorised dealers worldwide.

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