Brydge Microsoft Surface Laptop Vertical Docks #CES2021

Brydge has been a long-standing player in the premium docks and keyboards market. Their build quality is second to none with a range of expertly crafted products.

At CES 2021 Brydge launched a brand new line-up of Surface Docks for the Microsoft Surface Laptops. Brydge has developed models for the Surface Laptop Go (12.4″), Surface Laptop 3 (13.5″) and Surface Laptop 3 (15″).

The Surface Vertical Dock offers seamless integration with a perfect fit for your Surface laptop. Once you slide the laptop in, you instantly get access to the additional IO at the rear of the dock which includes 2 x HDMI (Up to 4K 60fps), USB A (2.0), USB C (2.0) and USB C (3.1). The dock is connected via a single USB C (10Gbps) connection.

The dock is designed perfectly for those users who want the simplicity of a single device for both on the go and as part of your desktop setup. With more people working from home with their laptops, the ergonomic suitability of hunching over your laptop screen becomes a chore. The dock will be able to charge your Surface Laptop without the need for an additional charging connection. This allows you to have either one or two monitors connected at your desk alongside your keyboard mouse and webcam setup and its all accessible by simply sliding your laptop into the dock.

The colour scheme is designed to effortlessly match with the Microsoft Surface line-up in the black colour scheme and it definitely won’t look out of place in your setup. The docks also feature a stationary suspended liner which automatically aligns the connections on the dock to your Surface Laptop during the process of docking and undocking process.

Brydge provides their own 87W power adapter alongside the Brydge Surface Laptop Vertical Docks as the Surface Laptop line-up ships with the Surface Connect charger which would not be compatible with the USB C power cable required to power the dock.

Brydge is now offering pre-orders for the Surface Laptop Vertical Docks on their official US website for $229.99 for all three models and hopefully, it should arrive on the UK site soon too. Would this be something you would like us to take a look at? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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