BLU teased their upcoming Pure XR flagship phone

The American smartphone maker, BLU, is not showing any sings of stopping their lineup of affordable and compelling Android smartphones. And their latest move is to try to create hype around an upcoming high-end phone, called the Pure XR. While it’s their “Flagship”, it’ll come in with an MSRP of just $299.

The teaser came from the company’s Facebook page, and just like with every single teaser, not a whole lot of info is given about the device. The flagship phone coming from BLU is said to be a ‘premium smartphone’, which nowadays points to either a glass or metal build, and in this case it seems to be a metal build. The teaser is showing us a front which looks a whole lot like the OnePlus 3, maybe a bit too much like the OnePlus 3. In particular by the shape of the fingerprint scanner and the LED dots around it serving as capacitive buttons. And while it seems a lot cheaper compared to the OnePlus 3, it doesn’t undercut it by a whole lot, coming in only $100 cheaper than the OnePlus 3 which has been tested and is loved by many tech enthusiasts.


BLU Pure XR specifications

There’s one thing in the specs department that they wanted to tell us all in the teaser, the BLU Pure XR will come with 4GB of RAM, which isn’t less or more compared to the flagship phones nowadays, showing that the internal components may back the phone’s premium façade. But that remains to be seen until the 29th of August, which is the launch date of their flagship phone.

What do you guys think about the Pure XR so far? What do you think about the design on the front? And would you give BLU a chance if they would offer better value than OnePlus? Let us know in the comments below!

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