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Now when we do the random “Bargain Alert” over here at MTT towers, it’s usually for something one off. Occasionally a product, more often its Google Play’s dirt cheap app of the week, if we love the look of the app in question. We do not normally do it because someone is having a general sale. If we did then we would be Hot Deals UK and not MobileTechTalk which obviously isn’t what we want to do.

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So why then might you ask are we giving a summer sale a bargain alert? Well I personally am I bit of a fan of GearBest. They are my favourite, random Chinese tat bazaar with crazy stuff, fun, random, weird gadgets of every sort you can imagine. Oh but then we come to their phone selection. They have heaps of crazy things from crazy brands you’ve never heard of as well as big names but it’s fun to browse and see just what’s out there. They tend to be great value but the items coming in their Summer Sale have some insane bargains. Sadly many are only super cheap for a limited number, so called “Flash Sales” but if you get in quick you can get some major bargains. Like the Elephone S3 4G going for just US$100, that’s a pretty damn serious saving and from the spec looks like a steal at that price.

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If all that wasn’t enough they also seem to be offering up to a 5% discount of you order via their mobile app too and you apparently will get a “free gift” of some sort from a raffle like draw. Just click on any of the snapshots to take you to their sale page.

Screenshot 2016-06-11 15.12.53

So, check them out and if you manage to nab one of the uber flash sale bargains give us a shout on twitter and tell us what you managed to catch. You never know we may just invite you to review it and post your review up here on MTT to share your thoughts with the world.

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