Bargain Alert!!! Brainwavz Shop Launch

Hello all. If you haven’t managed to notice, over the last couple of weeks I’ve done a bunch of different Brainwavz reviews. I’ve known them for years now and so any time they have something new out there is a good bet I can charm them into throwing my way to review. They constantly have produced some of the best value audio stuff out there.

Up until now Brainwavz has been the in-house brand for mp4nation but now, with their growing brand recognition they have just launched their own “Brainwavz” shop. As a little launch madness has descended upon them they have slashed a bunch of prices for a short time period. Given Brainwvaz are famed for being very good value products, always cheap for what you get. This price cut makes some of their things simply crazy good value for money.

With that in mind, I wanted to point out to you their sale and a couple of my personal favourite bargains they’ve got right now.


I literally just reviewed these. They are not really for me but great for a child and the sale price is a bit crazy at just US$25


I reviewed the S5 some time back and while I wasn’t wow’ed bit heavy and bassy for me. It wasn’t my first choice at US$100 buts it presently cut down to just US$60. That’s a pretty massive chop I think you’ll agree.


Okay so this I haven’t actually reviewed but well, it’s a stand. I’m pretty sure we can all figure out how well it does what it’s supposed to. Going from US$40 to just US$15 again is a pretty huge price cut.

Oh and in case you were wondering, all prices include shipping, anywhere in the world.

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