The Lancey Smart Radiator Announced – IFA2019

This year at IFA 2019, Lancey Energy Storage unveils the next generation of its smart radiator that enables households to consume their own solar energy and introduces smart energy storage for all.

Lancey Smart Radiator

About The Lancey Smart Radiator

  • Available in one model: 1200W (80 x 60 x 13.5cm; 26kg)
  • Battery type: 0.8 kWh lithium-ion

This new version features a lithium-ion battery to feed power back into the home electrical circuit and power other appliances. With the ability to manage renewables with maximum efficiency, it optimises home power consumption using connected sensors and a smart energy management system. This new solution from Lancey Energy Storage gives all households a genuinely sustainable consumption alternative that makes the smart home a reality. Its sleek design and contemporary style by eliumstudio make the Lancey space heater a natural addition to the home.

Batteries are the future of domestic energy consumption. But their price and size have prevented their widespread adoption. Which is why Lancey Energy Storage has integrated them directly into sleek heaters that require no expert installation and are packed with the latest tech innovations to store energy and re-inject it to power everyday household appliances (heaters today… other household conveniences tomorrow). This multi-patented technology is what enables Lancey Energy Storage to provide its users with free energy storage. A world-first unveiled in partnership with the La Poste Group, their unique architecture also allows them to reuse batteries from electric bikes, giving them a new lease of life.

“In EU households, heating account for 79% of total final energy use and 75% of heating is still generated from fossil fuels. With Lancey heaters, we want to offer a more eco-friendly and virtuous alternative to energy consumption. Our heater is an opportunity to equip the home with a central powerhouse that helps you to manage energy more effectively, to reduce CO2 emission and maximise the use of renewables while reducing the electricity bill for the users.” – Raphaël Meyer PhD, Lancey Co-founder

The Lancey Energy Storage solution is distinctive for its use of an integrated lithium-ion battery that charges up during off-peak periods or uses energy from renewable sources, such as solar, to release it in the form of heat during peak periods when electricity is more expensive and generates higher levels of CO2. It also uses connected (mobile phone / WiFi / Zigbee) sensors to collect data from all rooms in the building. An EMS (Energy Management System) then analyses photovoltaic generation, device consumption and sensor data to optimise energy consumption and reduce electricity bills.

By combining two heating modes with high-performance electronic control and multiple sensors, Lancey heaters optimise electricity generation and cut heating bills by up to 50%. Lancey promotes self-consumption by storing locally-generated energy in its connected batteries. Distributed storage is essential for balancing the distribution grid and incorporating more renewable energy through self-consumption and the provision of services to the grid.

The Lancey Energy Storage solution comes with an app that enables remote control of each battery to provide new and innovative services to the grid. As easy to use as it is to install, the Lancey solution makes the smart home concept a practical reality.

For more information, head over to the Lancey website.

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