The Google Home Hub – An Amazon Echo Show Killer?

Before Google got to their Pixel 3 and 3 XL devices, Google had a few other devices to talk about. Pushing their smart home line up further is the Google Home Hub, which looks to compete with Amazon’s Echo Show for a place on your kitchen worktop.

Buy on the Made By Google Store – £139

Not happy with releasing the Google Assistant Smart Display technology earlier in 2018, they have now released some first-party hardware to go along with it with the Google Home Hub.

The Home Hub will compete directly with devices such as the Amazon Echo Show for a place in the modern smart home. It is designed to sit within a home environment and be controlled by touch or voice to get the latest news, weather, and control other elements of your everyday life.

There’s not a lot new here when comparing to the Lenovo Smart Display. Both devices will run the same software, but the Google Home Hub will actually retail for a cheaper price of £139 versus Lenovo’s £159, at launch on October 22nd

In terms of features, the first notable absence is that of a camera. Google, keen to be seen to be taking privacy and security concerns seriously, suggested that the lack of a camera will allow users to feel secure when using the device in a private space. We tend to agree, but with Google’s track record in delivering quality IM/video messaging applications, it’s a strange decision ultimately.

Moving on, the Google Home Hub will be able to deliver YouTube videos, the latest news, weather and food recipes as well as providing a dashboard for your more recent information, and a revamped, deeply integrated, Google Photo album in tow.

The Google Home Hub is available to pre-order immediately with shipping slated for October 22nd 2018.

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