Omate Announce The Wherecom S3

Remember Omate? No? You obviously haven’t been reading the site long enough. Back in 2014 we reviewed Omate’s first 3G enabled Smartwatch, the Truesmart with varied success you might say. Omate have announced a successor to their Wherecome K3 device, with the Wherecom S3 merging a GPS and 3G Smartwatch together.

The world seemingly wasn’t ready for 3G/4G enabled smartwatches back in 2014, and you could argue they might still not be. That aside however Omate obviously believe this to be far from fact. The Omate S3 is, as mentioned previously, a merge of a wearable GPS tracker, and a 3G-enabled Smartwatch, with Android powering the OS, and is a successor to their Wherecom K3. Here’s what Laurent Le Pen, CEO of Omate had to say on the release and the range Omate produce:

“From fashion sport smartwatch like the Omate Rise, to child-friendly product like the recently released K3, and now this addition of a standalone smartwatch for seniors, Omate really does have something for everyone. A wristwatch is something many seniors have worn all their lives. ADMEA has deep knowledge of the senior segment through its existing product portfolio which makes it the ideal distribution partner for the Omate S3.” says Laurent Le Pen, CEO at Omate.

Omate Wherecom S3
The Omate Wherecom S3 offers an Android-based Smartwatch with GPS Tracking technology

The Omate Wherecom S3 has some interesting specs too, offering up 3G radios with a micro SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 320 x 320 capacitive 1.54″ touchscreen, powered by a Dual Core MediaTek 1 Ghz processor (MT6572M to be precise), 512GB RAM, 4GB of internal storage and a 600 mAh battery all running beneath Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Omate Wherecom S3
Omate’s OUI will be running on the Wherecom S3


In addition to Android, Omate will deliver the latest version of their own software layer, OUI. OUI seems to have matured somewhat since our first look at the Truesmart 2 years ago, but it remains to be seen whether the bright colours and large logos are enticing to a 2016 audience.

The Omate S3 will be available unlocked at a recommended retail price of 149 Euros in France and Spain from September through European retailers and e-tailers.

Omate Wherecom S3




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