Huawei Nova 2 & Nova 2 Plus – IFA 2017

At IFA 2016 Huawei launched the Nova which was essentially a Nexus 6P Mini along with a larger Nova Plus. This year, at IFA 2017, the successors to both phones, the Nova 2 and Nova 2 Plus were available to get hands on.

In terms of the technology packed into these two devices, we’re looking at a 5″ display on the Nova 2 with the Nova 2 Plus jumping up to 5.5″. Both devices have a dual camera layout with a standard 12MP along with a secondary 8MP which will presumably be delivering wide-angle or telephoto capabilities. Both devices sport a 1080p IPS LCD display and have the Kirin 669 CPU and have 4GB of RAM with 64GB of storage although the Nova 2 Plus offers a 128GB option.

Finally the devices house 2950mAh and 3340mAh batteries with the Nova 2 Plus stacking more juice.

Both devices will deliver EMUI 5.1 atop Android 7. Those familiar with the latest Honor devices will attest that EMUI is much more conservative than early iterations and allows for an easier user experience. We expect this to be the same in these Nova 2 devices.

The Nova 2 is available in China currently and retails for the equivalent to $360 and we’re still awaiting for Western release dates. The Nova 2 Plus is available for the equivalent of $425. Should they be made available in the EU we can put them through their steps and see just how well the dual camera setup on the Nova 2 and Nova 2 Plus devices fair versus the now ubiquitous competition.

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