Honor shows off their Black Friday deals!

Black Friday is here! It’s a… thing now, I guess in the UK? Despite this “tradition” only being a few years old in the UK, many companies, Tech ones in particular, have jumped on the bandwagon.

Honor is one such company and has just sent over their Black Friday deals, ranging from their least to most expensive handsets. It’s a pretty good lineup of savings. The devices included in this promotion are the Honor 7A, 7S, Honor 9 Lite, Honor 10 and the new Honor Play, most of which we have actually reviewed here on MobileTechTalk. This is going to be fun. Starting with the cheapest among them, the Honor 7S.


Honor 7A

The Honor 7S usually retails for £99.99, a pretty great price, but on Black Friday? Honor have knocked £20 o of that retail price down to £79.99, now that is one helluva a deal. Just as a reminder, you get a stonking great battery, a loud speaker and a surprisingly nice modern 18:9 display, even if the performance does leave a bit to be desired, You can check out our Honor 7S extended hands-on here. Next up is one we actually haven’t had the pleasure of trying out, the Honor 7A. The 7A is a slightly more high-end version of the 7S.  We get a 5.7″ 1440×720 IPS Display, which, as with most of Honor’s device, is just stunning, Honor somehow gets the best of the IPS displays when it comes to this price range, because whilst we haven’t reviewed it, I have played with the 7A at the Honor offices. We get a slightly (but not much) more potent SoC, swapping out the MediaTek chip for a Snapdragon 430. This has gone from £129.99to £99.99! a stunning price drop on a really great phone.

Honor 10

Then we get to the Honor 9 Lite and the 10. These are devices we’ve reviewed here and here.  The 9 Lite has gone from £179.99 to £129.99, and the Honor 10 has gone from £399.99 to £299.99. Dropping this much off of these two phones means that the amazing screen, build and Cameras That Honor has on offer are available to even more people! Lastly, I can’t forget about the Honor Play. The phone released at IFA and has been a smash hit everywhere It’s gone, has gone from £279.99 to £249.99, not the biggest price drop, but at that price, you’re getting the amazing Kirin 970, an absolutely massive screen and battery with the impeccable build, all Honor staples.

Honor Play

If any of these deals interest you, and why wouldn’t they. Head on over to HiHonor this Friday and weekend to check them out, because these are some pretty stellar deals on some stellar devices.

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