Happy New Year: Here’s To A TechFul 2017!

2017 is almost here, and that makes it time to look forward to the next 12 months and back on 2016.

Let’s start with the most important part. Lots of awful things happened in this world in 2016 which had nothing at all to do with technology, but through technology and the power of social media we were constantly made aware of these events. We’ll just take this moment to tell all those affected by some of the sad events of 2016, that our thoughts are, and have been with you.


2016 was a special year for MobileTechTalk. A year older, and with a merge in early May 2016 with EuroTechTalk, things started to progress. This left us with a bigger team being able to cover more products, plan more videos and podcasts and start to look at larger events to cover. At least, that was the plan. During the following couple of months, some members left, others stayed, and we slowly cemented a team of contributors, all of whom were, and continue to be focused on delivering easy-on-the-eye reviews, hands on, and news items dedicated to mobile technology and gadgetry as well as an increased YouTube presence and ever improving (albeit slowly) video content. Fast forward, and with one review almost every day of the week from a team of tech enthusiast volunteers, giving their free time, we couldn’t have asked for much more, and it is certainly something not to be taken lightly.

Looking forward to 2017

Our goal in 2017 of course is continuing with this, providing you more awesome product reviews and maybe even some other coverage like we did with IFA this year. Of course we would like to know your thoughts on it, so please drop them in the comments down below! And of course… we really need to thank you, our readers. We hope you enjoyed our content, and we’ll try to keep improving on what we’re doing as much as possible – writing about technology!

MTT hope to be at more events in 2017!

2017In the past year we’ve been able to see a decline in innovation and an increase, again, in iteration. Everything is pretty darn great as it is, and well, sometimes we need to ask ourselves whether we really need more? Lots of new products came to the market, some of which were amazing, where others really needed some more time or thought in the development phase. And then we got the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We don’t need to say anything else really…#RIPSamsung2016.

The main point is that 2016 has been a wonderful year in technology whether it be new products, revised designs, news items or events. MobileTechTalk is looking forward to an awesome 2017!

For now we wish you all a Happy New Year. May 2017 be a wonderful year for you and your family. If that last sentence didn’t invoke ‘the feels’, then fear not. Stay tuned January for some giveaways too!

As always, if you fancy contributing to MobileTechTalk, please get in touch and look to join our happy family. Like all families we quarrel, we wind each other up, and we have times when life takes over, but our shared love of technology remains the glue that binds us – fancy bonding? (see what we did there?)

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