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We love backpacks here at MTT. Not only do they normally hold what amounts to an expensive metric butt tonne of technology, but they have to be comfy for us when we’re at events or generally travelling. A product we have been monitoring has finally gone live on Kickstarter. The GOBAG 2 launched on November 7th 2017 and follows their successfuil 2015 launch of the original GOBAG. Looking to upgrade your everyday carry? Check out the GOBAG 2.

gobag 2

Let’s start with what GOBAG have to say about the GOBAG 2 straight off:

GoBag 2 is the ultimate bag for regular travellers who want to fit in as much as they can whilst only having to take a carry-on bag. With modular Velcro system and a built-in vacuum compression bag, it squeezes every bit of air out of soft gear such as clothing and towels to make more room for everything else whilst keeping important travel items such as your phone and passport close at hand. It won’t help much if booked with Monarch I am afraid!  It has features galore and is incredibly durable, waterproof and certainly built to last.

After struggling to find a suitable bag to take as a carry-on on cheap flights across Europe, the GoBag was conceived. The GoBag 2’s design is an incredible fusion of travel bag design and dry-bag technology. The sturdy bag has a modular system powered by Velcro that allows the bag to be customised for each trip’s needs, and the built-in vacuum compression bag squeezes every bit of air out of soft gear such as clothing and towels to make more room for everything else.

The fully removable Max Pack dry bag stored within GoBag 2 is a welded bag made from TPU coated nylon which can be compressed by hand (or with a vacuum using the check valve if serious space-saving is needed) to free up oh-so precious interior space. Its carry-on size means no waiting around to check in your luggage, no delays at the luggage carousel, no lost baggage and no exorbitant checked baggage fees. To top it all off, it is built to last with everything housed within a weather-resistant coated nylon fabric that can take a beating and keep coming back for more. So whether you are travelling on business, for a family holiday or an adventure of a lifetime, you can carry less, but experience much more.

Hypalon is placed over areas of maximum wear like the base, offering the ultimate in abrasion protection and GoBag is constructed from TPU Coated Ballistic Nylon, a waterproof material used to make inflatable power boats. The Full Edge Zip, which runs along the outer edge of the front and side panels, is a 2.5 metre long, durable YKK zip and the pull strings from high tensile strength para cord – no flimsy plastic zips here!

With six different ways to open your bag, items are easily accessible so no need to dig around at the bottom again. There is even a new secret pocket at the side of the GoBag 2 which is perfect for storing passports, tickets or any other valuables. In addition, it features an integrated wash bag, no more wasting time at airport security as liquids and pastes are easily to hand and stored together. The wash bag can be easily removed from its Velcro attachment allowing travellers to move speedily through the airport and the 15 inch laptop pocket has a quick release pull so your laptop is easily accessible whenever you need it.

If you’re interested, head on over to Kickstarter now as the first 100 backers will get the GOBAG 2 for just £115 including shipping!

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