EZVIZ Smart Home Security Now With Video Options

EZVIZ, the people behind many home security products, have announced some new devices at IFA 2018. With a focus on video and interaction, EZVIZ showcased a Battery Powered Security Camera, Smart Door Viewer, and more, with some digital assistants built-in.

These announced EZVIZ products are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, providing a wealth of interactivity options to the platform.

Battery-Powered Security Camera: C3A

C3A is an outdoor standalone 100% wire-free, battery-powered security camera. A fully charged C3A camera can work up to 3 months, providing constant protection and minimizing camera downtime. The 100% cordless and IP65-rated design enable users to effortlessly and seamlessly place it outdoors without the hassles of dealing with the cables. Featuring Full HD 1080p video and a diagonal 125-degree field of view, it captures important moments in high quality images. It supports MicroSD card up to 128GB and also an optional cloud storage plan, ensuring all videos are securely saved. Built-in with a microphone and speaker, the C3A supports two-way audio and with the help of the EZVIZ App, users can remotely communicate with people near the cameras at anytime and anywhere. EZVIZ will also launch a W2D battery camera base that will function as a control center connected to a router and can manage up to six C3As simultaneously. The W2D can effectively prolong the battery life of the C3A for up to 9 months. A wide range of installation and charging accessories will also be available for the C3A later in Q4 for easy and convenient operation, such as the solar panel.

Smart Door Viewer: DP1

DP1, a 2018 CES Innovation Awards Honoree, is a smart door viewer that combines the functions of a traditional door peephole, IP camera and doorbell system into a single-smart device. It offers a 4.3 inch LCD touchscreen display and 124-degree HD wide-angle lens, allowing users to see clearly who is at the door. Featuring PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) motion alerts for human detection, it instantly sends alarm notifications to homeowners’ smartphones with a picture via the EZVIZ App upon detecting potential intruders. The EZVIZ App also enables two-way audio via a smartphone so users don’t have to be physically present to communicate with whom is at the door. A 3-meter IR distance for night vision feature allows users to see and capture videos even when it’s dark outside. Equipped with a 4600mAh low power-consumption, long endurance and rechargeable lithium battery, the DP1 can last up to 3 months, providing homeowners with constant protection.

Smart Doorbell: DB1 and DB2

DB1 is a 3MP, Wi-Fi smart doorbell featuring a 180-degree vertical and 105-degree horizontal field of view, capturing your visitors from head to toe in high quality images. The DB1 can easily replace traditional doorbells, work with your existing chime and deliver smart features that can make users’ life safer and easier. When a visitor presses the doorbell, the DB1 will automatically call the device owner on their smart phones via the EZVIZ App, enabling remote communication even if you are away from home. Supporting both 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi, the DB1 is flexible and can easily connect to your home Wi-Fi. Designed with a night vision up to 5 meters, the DB1 works well even in the dimmest conditions. EZVIZ also offers the DB2, which has identical features as the DB1 but is powered by a rechargeable battery, providing a flexible alternative for users to choose from.

Floodlight Camera: LC1

LC1 is a powerful outdoor Wi-Fi camera equipped with dual LED adjustable lights at 2500-lumen, a revolutionarily preventive and proactive product that evolved from traditional floodlights. It brings stronger illumination and more accurate PIR sensor to customers. Covered by frosted glass, the LC1 delivers a wider range of illumination for up to 18 meters. Night vision feature also ensures users can get a crystal clear video at night. With 270-degree ultra-wide-angle PIR motion detection range, it can precisely and accurately detect visitors or intruders and will turn on the light and emit 100dB siren to effectively alert users and deter potential intruders. Meanwhile, upon detection, the LC1 will record a Full HD 1080p video and send instant alerts to users’ smartphones, so you won’t miss any suspicious activities when you are not around. Two-way audio is also enabled on users’ smartphones via the EZVIZ App. Users can remotely communicate with anyone on their property. It supports a MicroSD card up to 128GB so your videos can be saved locally.

Wi-Fi Smart Plug: T31

T31, a Wi-Fi smart plug that turns your electronic devices into smart devices, enables users to remotely and effortlessly control and manage electronic devices via the EZVIZ App on their smartphones. With a thoughtful and smart design for easy management, the T31 allows users to control electronic devices in multiple ways, including setting regular/countdown timers and schedules or manually switching the plugs on/off locally. Imagine you can turn on your air conditioning and air purifier on your way home, and be able to enjoy cool and fresh air when you arrive. Users can also customize the display names of multiple T31 devices located in different rooms, and manage them simultaneously through their EZVIZ App. This smart plug also supports power usage statistics, which helps users understand their power consumption patterns. In addition, the T31 is specially designed to endure high temperature and protect users against electric shock, bringing a safe and smart home experience to everyone.

Wi-Fi Pan-Tilt Camera with Alarm Devices: C6T RF Edition

The C6T RF Edition consists of a Wi-Fi, Full HD 1080p pan-tilt camera, an open/close detector T2, and a remote control K2, bringing a more connected home experience to users. Embedded with an alarm hub module, users can seamlessly and effortlessly connect the T2 and K2 to the C6T and enjoy an extra layer of protection. With the help of the EZVIZ App, users can mark the position of T2, and when the T2 is triggered, the C6T will turn its lens to where the T2 is at and record images. Additionally, when the T2 is triggered, the C6T will automatically send an alert to users’ smartphones alerting them of potential activities. To easily switch to different modes, you can use the K2 or the EZVIZ App. The C6T connects up to 32 EZVIZ alarms and sensors, users can assure the safety of their property. In addition, the C6T delivers an expansive field-of-view coverage with 340-degree horizontal, 80-degree vertical upward and 10-degree vertical downward rotations, for true wall-to-wall monitoring. The C6T also features smart tracking, which upon detection of movement will automatically capture and track the motion.

For more information, please head over to EZVIZ and check out their products.

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