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So we all love a good deal right? So we have partnered up with Cafago to bring you, our readers some fantastic deals.

Drone’s have really picked up in the last couple of years made famous by DJI with their Phantom series and more recently the Spark and Mavic Pro. These are all fairly expensive with the cheapest Spark costing around £500 which is a pricy investment for something you may only use a handful of times. The GoolRC T37 boasts many of the same features of the more expensive Mavic Pro with the foldable propellers and it’s clear the design has been inspired by the aforementioned drone. The battery does only last between 5-8 minutes so it’s not like this will run forever but this is longer than many similarly priced drones I have seen which die in just 3-4 minutes. The camera will do just fine for a few aerial shots here and there and even if you end up destroying it then you don’t have much to worry about since with the discount code L7183M for just £29.05. Get it here

The next thing that we have on sale is the Vkworld Mix Plus smartphone which is following the footsteps of many manufacturers with a bezel-less design which is not too far from the Xiomi Mi Mix from last year. The specs are fairly great for the price and as the great MKBHD has said, good phones are becoming cheap and cheap phones are becoming good. There is Android 7.0 which is surprisingly new for such an affordable device, the MediaTek MTK6737 processor which gives around 581 for the single core score and 1595 for the multi-core score within Geekbench 4. Antutu gives that processor a score of 41273. You also have 32GB of storage, a 5.5 inch 720P screen, 3GB of RAM, 13MP rear and 8MP front cameras. Overall this phone feels like a steal at just  £84.10 with the discount code L0140P. Get it here.

These devices will probably come with international plugs so you will probably need a USB charging hub which will essentially take a single AC wall plug and output 4 USB ports. I have loads of these around the house because it just means that you don’t have to use multiple ports. The hub allows you to have a 2.1A output however its unlikely that all 4 ports will output at that speed if you have high powered devices connected to it. It’s just a handy thing to have around. Get it here.

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