Activ5 launches in the UK

The Activ5 device from ActivBody isn’t a new device. It was originally announced back in 2016, but it’s taken off in the US and now the Activ5 is available in the UK. Get your workout on, and feel a geek doing it!


Purchase on Amazon UK – £119

Most of us could do with being a little more active in our lives, and the Acvit5 provides a relatively unique way in which to do that, in short bursts, as well as part of a larger workout regime, and the inclusion of gamification means that it could feel a lot less of a trial than conventional workout methods.

The sleek and portable handheld device guides users through short burst workouts to keep them active throughout the day, providing full-body toning from both sitting and standing positions, all while tracking results on the companion Activ5 App, which is available on smartphone OS’s iOS and Android. Activ5 features more than 100 unique workouts that are fast and fun, and measures data such as strength, strength increases, precision and other personal metrics.

“Activ5 exercises are discrete and static, so you can work out at your desk, while watching TV or on a plane, making the powerful health-transforming benefits of isometric fitness available to you anytime, anywhere. Best of all, we’ve turned fitness into a game. Our suite of mobile casual games allows you to control the action through muscle force, so it feels more like you’re playing than doing a strenuous workout. After a successful Kickstarter campaign and years of hardware and software development, we’re thrilled to finally share this industry game-changer with the world.”

“Most of us sit way too much. We all want to be more fit, but for many of us it’s nearly impossible to carve out time to get to the gym,” – Activbody CEO, Dan Stevenson.

With a design that measures more than 200 lbs of force, Activ5 helps users increase strength by as much as 5% per week, and effectively tones and strengthens muscles through short, 5-minute workouts a few times a day. The Activ5 App personalises workouts to each user’s fitness level, tracks progress and allows users to exercise while playing games designed by independent gaming studios. Activ5 has a 6-month battery life and is Bluetooth®-enabled.

The Activ5 is now available from a variety of High Street stores such as Selfridges, Ryman and Dixons Travel, as well as from Amazon UK. RRP is £119. Check it out.



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