Acer Announces the Thronos, a monstrous Gaming cockpit

Whilst we were at the Acer event learning about the new Swift Laptops and the Predator desktop with 2 Xeons (Don’t think too hard, it’ll make your brain hurt) Acer quickly told us about something so utterly insane that it could only come from a PC manufacturer who just wants to have fun.

The Thronos, as it is called, is a gaming cockpit. You have a seat mounted to what appears to be a steel chassis, this chair has haptic motors and rumble packs everywhere, to further integrate you into your gaming session. Up front is a triple curved monitor array (likely G-Sync Predator monitors) for even more immersion. Like most gaming cockpits, there are little desks for your keyboard and mouse which are manoeuvrable to get the utmost comfort out of them. Lastly, the entire seat is motorised, meaning it can lift up, tilt, lean back etc. Acer has gone full crazy with the Thronos, and it’s awesome.

Now, Acer didn’t tell us what PC it is using to actually power the Thronos, but It isn’t going to be a small, lightweight and quiet PC,t with 3 high-end monitors in the picture. It’s likely using a Predator Orion 900, but we do not know for sure. Lastly, we don’t know the price or release date, but if you’re seriously looking at this machine, I doubt that cost matters to you. Guessing from the stuff we do know, the Thronos is likely to cost around $15,000 all in. So a PC, or a new car, you decide.

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