Android Pay in the UK: Not yet

The UK has gone contactless mad of late. If Im not using my iPhone to do it, I am constantly pestered to see if my card has contactless so I can speed up the lines building at the till. Unfortunately Android users the UK are not going to join the game – Android Pay doesn’t look like it is launching in the UK any time soon.

Google director of product management Pali Bhat took to the Google blog to boast about improvement to the service in the US. Including several new retailers and promos to boost adoption and even new countries taking part – mentions of the UK where distinctly absent. Thats doesn’t necessarily mean that the launch is not happening, but if it where it is likely Google would mention it!

We’re also taking the first step to bring the convenience of Android Pay to Android users across the globe. In the first half of 2016, Android Pay will arrive in Australia. – Pali Bhat, Director of Product Management, Android Pay

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Rumours where rife that Googles contactless payment would be launching in the new year however Google only highlighted that the service will launch in Australia in the first half of 2016. Meaning the UK may be left behind this time around – although this will still be a big year for Android Pay according to Bhat. Reading too much into things is a huge possibility however there has been no banks or retailers talking about the service as yet.

Many retailers and even some UK banks are still to implement contactless payments. Including Barclays who are still to allow Apple pay for its customers. Rumours are that they may start early next year so integration of an alternative and competing system may just be a step to far too quickly for UK banks.

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