Android N Dev Preview Launched On Xperia Z3

How many week are we from I/O now? As it inches closer and closer more and more exciting things seem to be happening in the Android world. Google blew us all away and launched Android N developer preview much earlier than expected, and now Sony have topped it by offering the preview for their Xperia Z3 line.

We have been praising Sony of late, Kurt has a Z3 and has been running the stock Android concept rom for some time. This receives almost weekly updates and all of the security patches within a few days of the Nexus line. However it was unseen how this official rom would develop as it hasn’t been rolled out to any of Sony other phones. It seems Sony love the Xperia Z3 and couldn’t wait to give it Android N.

This is the first time we have seen anything like this, and is a tremendous development move by Sony. Not least because the Xperia line is to be ended very soon with the launch of their new X line. Coupled with Sony’s flagging mobile sales anyway you can’t help but be a little proud!

This is of course a developer preview so you should only use this for developing Android apps for the upcoming Android N release. However if you are brave enough to try it the process is below. Be warned it is not nearly as easy as enrolling for the Nexus devices!

Flashing your compatible Xperia Z3 device

There are 2 variants of Xperia Z3 that can be flashed with Android N Developer Preview, D6603 and D6653. Here’s how to get started:

  • Connect your compatible Z3 device to a computer with a USB cable.
  • Xperia Companion will open automatically
  • Make sure you have Xperia Companion version 1.1.24 or later. If not, download the latest version from here.
  • Hold down the ALT key on your computer and click on Software repair on the home screen, then follow the guide.
  • You’ll be asked to disconnect and turn off your device, then to reconnect whilst holding down the volume down key to start the software flashing.
  • You can return to factory settings at any time by connecting back to Xperia Companion and following the Software repair

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