Android Marshmallow is finally on its way to the Honor 5X

After a few months of seeing Android Marshmallow builds being pushed around to other phones, Honor started teasing the Android Marshmallow update for the Honor 5X in the USA. The Honor 5X was released back in February running Android 5.1 Lollipop. This particular phone created some noticeable interest because of its low price point of €229,99 or £189,99, with little shortcomings for the device.

The short tweet posted by Honor USA doesn’t give away much information about a specific release data, it simply says: “coming soon”. The update to Android Marshmallow brings all the new features to the Honor 5X, like the new granular app permissions, Doze mode, Google Now on Tap and the latest security patch from Google.

Not too long ago the Honor 7 received its update to Marshmallow, and hopefully the Honor 5X will follow very soon. We’ll make sure to keep our eyes open and update this post as soon as the update starts rolling out in Europe.

Source: Android Authority

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