Amazfit GTS 2, GTS 2e and GTS 2 Mini Launch #CES2021

Amazfit may be a brand you may not have heard of but their GTS 2 series is definitely here to put them on the map.

As part of CES 2021, Amazfit has launched the GTS 2, GTS 2e and the GTS 2 Mini with the tagline “Where Style Meets Health”. All 3 devices feature a thin and light bezel-less design, always-on AMOLED HD display, comprehensive health and fitness tracking alongside a long battery life.

The GTS 2e and 2 mini offers 2.5D displays with the GTS 2 featuring an edge to edge 3D display. The GTS 2 and 2e have 1.65 inch AMOLED displays with the mini featuring a 1.55-inch panel instead. All 3 watches weigh under 25 grams without their straps and feature 50M water resistance (5ATM).

The 3 watches in the GTS 2 series feature a wide range of health features including the following:

  • Sleep Quality Monitoring – It assesses your sleep breathing through the light, deep and REM5 stages alongside monitoring daytime naps that last more than 20 minutes
  • Heart Rate Monitoring – The health of your heart is monitored with warnings presented if you have an abnormally elevated resting heart rate
  • Sp02 Level Measurement – The watches will measure the ratio of oxygen-carrying haemoglobin in your blood vs the amount of haemoglobin not carrying oxygen to ensure your body is able to work efficiently
  • Stress Level Measurement – You will be able to monitor your stress levels between relaxed, normal, medium or high and receive information on how to reduce it or manage excessive stress
  • PAI Health Assessment System – You will be provided with a unique score that allows you to comprehend your heart rate and overall health in comparison to others to evaluate your health.

The GTS 2 Series watches feature offline voice capabilities which allow you to turn on the sport modes or open the heart rate app without the need for an internet connection. You are also able to take calls (on the GTS 2 only) and control music that is being played on your phone directly on the watch with 3GB of local storage dedicated for local music storage for up to 600 songs.

Amazfit has also integrated 90 built-in sport modes on the GTS 2 and GTS 2e watches with the GTS 2 mini just behind at 70+ modes. The watches can automatically recognise a range of sports including outdoor running, treadmill, walking, outdoor cycling, pool swimming and the elliptical automatically without the need for you to start the sport mode.

The lineup features fairly decent battery life numbers with standard use ranging between 7-14 days compared to other higher-end smartwatches which last much less time.

All 3 watches feature a range of everyday features including a timer, weather forecast, incoming noise notifications, stopwatch, events reminders, notifications, sedentary reminder, alarm clock and do not disturb. With the GTS 2 also having support for temperature measurement as an additional feature.

The GTS 2 series communicate with both Android and iOS devices using the Zepp app to allow for comprehensive analysis of multiple data sources to provide 24/7 management of body data.

You are able to buy the 3 watches directly from Amazfit’s website with slightly odd prices. The GTS 2 comes in at £154.24, the GTS 2e is £117.93 and lastly the GTS 2 mini is priced at £81.70. Amazfit offers a range of 3 colours for each model alongside a range of other gadgets including fitness bands, TWS earphones and smart scales too on the official site.

Would you like us to test out any of the GTS 2 series from Amazfit? Let us know in the comments below and drop a line if you have any thoughts about the launch

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