XD-Design Bobby: The best backpack I’ve ever had

So, my first backpack review is finally here. Up to now I’ve been using my Eastpak backpack as my way to get the stuff I need to take with me from point A to point B. In the past month I’ve thrown my old backpack in the closet and started using the XD-Design Bobby Backpack. The XD-Design Bobby was the best backpack Kickstarter project ever. Does it live up to all the #HYPE?

XD-Design was kind enough to give me this backpack to write my full review on it. As always they’ve had no influence on the editorial outcome of this review.


Normally I could really make a list of specifications here, but that’s a lot different with a backpack. I’ll get you the most important information. The backpack weighs 850 grams, can fit up to 13L of content (good luck with calculating that, my friend), fits a laptop up to 15.6”, and the backpack has a USB output on the right side. Besides that the backpack is water-repellent, do note that this doesn’t mean that it’s waterproof.



The build quality of the XD-Design backpack is beautiful. XD-Design did an amazing job with the backpack. From the zippers, USB output to the laptop compartment, everything feels very solid. I thought the Eastpak backpack had a great pair of zippers, and it does, but this takes the biscuit. The first place certainly goes to the YKK zippers put in this backpack. I just love opening the backpack, especially because everything feels so smooth.XD-Design

Next is the fabric used on both sides of the backpack and on the straps, which feels very soft and smooth. You would say that it’s some kind of plastic material because of the smoothness. But, the truth is that XD-Design once again stepped up their game and brought us the best of what’s available out there. The front and bottom are made of a re-used PU material, which is water-repellent just like the materials used on the rest of the backpack.

The straps look really solid just like the handle, and after three weeks of using the backpack 5 days a week at school I can guarantee you that you won’t regret buying this backpack for its straps. They’re really solidly attached to the backpack, and I think they, unlike the straps from Eastpak, will live as long as you need them.

The inner of the backpack just feels really sturdy, nothing special, really. The place to put your laptop feels pretty soft so I won’t see it scratching your laptop anytime soon. Besides that we’ve got the little ‘pouch’ up top to store some small things like pencils. Again, it feels really solid and made to last a lifetime. Which is the case with everything in this backpack.


Design is subjective and purely down to each consumer. I can share you my opinion but I know that I’m not representative of all other consumers. The front of the backpack is made of a black re-used PU material, and has a reflective line on it near the bottom.


The sides and top of the backpack are made of a water-repellent fabric in the colour you’ve chosen at the checkout. In my case it’s grey, but you could also choose red and black, all of which give you a nice and clean-looking backpack. Most of the people whom I asked to describe the backpack described it as “Business-like” and most of them also added “but that doesn’t mean it looks really good.”


I don’t think there’s a specific group of people who should buy this backpack, and that’s great, because personally I wouldn’t mind seeing this backpack in use a lot more by others. The most important aspect of the backpack is its cleanness, no weird branding, just black and the chosen colour. Me personally? I loved the design.


Like I said at the beginning of this review I’ve used the backpack for one month, if not more than a month. During this time I’ve taken it to school 5 days a week, together with all my books for the classes of that day. On a Monday I nearly can’t close the bag due to the amount of books I need to take with me (I guess it’s just a bit more than 13L it can carry then..).


This isn’t the typical use case for a backpack like this, and that should be noted. This backpack should just be taken with you to work with a Laptop, a few pencils and a notebook perhaps. Oh well, I decided to do the opposite and shove as much in as possible, and besides the fact that it’s sometimes hard to get everything to fit inside, it copes admirably!

XD-DesignThe padding on the back of the backpack feels really good, and sometimes it’s that soft that I honestly don’t even feel that I’ve got my backpack with me. The same can be said about the straps; they’re really solid, but they also give you a lot of comfort. This is a huge selling point, especially when you’re taking a lot of stuff with you in the bag.

There’s one big downside to the backpack though, and you’ll notice this if you try to run with this backpack on. I said try because it’s nearly impossible to run with this backpack. The straps get loose really easy when you put some force on them and while you normally don’t notice this, if you’re trying to move quickly you’ll notice the backpack going down on your back.

It all comes down to a great looking backpack which sits on your back like it should’ve been there your entire life under normal circumstances. If you want a bag to carry stuff on your morning jog to work (why would you?) this isn’t for you. Just walk!


Starting this review of the XD-Design Bobby Backpack, I didn’t know whether I would like it or not. Following a month or so of use, while I’m writing the last few sentences of the review, I can clearly say that this is the best backpack I’ve ever had. If you’re looking for a clean, really functional backpack, you don’t need to search any further.

You’ll be able to order the XD-Design Bobby backpack from their official website for just £74.95 to a limited amount of countries. Buyers in the US will be able to order the Bobby in grey for $95 from Amazon. Do note that the bag is being shipped from the Netherlands, so it may take a while to arrive.

XD-Design Bobby Backpack


Build quality











  • Used materials
  • High quality build
  • Really comfortable


  • Strap gets loose easilly

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  1. How should i clean my bobby bag its already dirty is it okay to clean this is washing machine?

    • If i submerge this in water the usb port on bagpack will be damaged.

      • Hi Wilson,

        Thanks for the questions.

        The materials used in the backpack unfortunately don’t allow you to wash the bag in the washing machine. The fortunate thing is that that the entire bag is made out of materials which keep off the dirt. You can easily wipe the bag with a wet cloth to clean it.

        The USB port embedded inside the backpack is sprayed on with a special water repellent coating. Though if the USB port is directly submerged into the water it’ll break as it’s only water repellent, not resistant.

        I hope this answers your questions.



    • Whilst I don’t use this bag in particular I do ride a motorcycle all year round. Without removing my amour I just use damp clean rag to wipe them with. Same with my bag pack This method hasn’t let me down yet.

      Hope it helps.


  2. Too bad this version can’t fit in a iPhone 6 Plus phone. The later version (Compact Bobby) can. I don’t know what to do with this bag now…

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