Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate: It Saved Me!

Wondershare have been about as long as shareware has in the PC market. You may well have seen a Wondershare product featured on CNET, or various other download sites. Today we’re looking at a little app that will get you out of some sticky situations when you need to re-encode or otherwise convert your media files. Wondershare Video converter Ultimate will do just that!


Most people have the need to re-encode, transfer and otherwise manipulate their media files in order to play them back on a variety of devices. Wondershare gives you the ability to do just that with a clean layout and a few clicks. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate however does much more than simply swap formats. It also allows you to fine tune some of the more advanced elements of the media file to ensure optimum playback on your devices.

So, the reason why this application saved me is that I was away at an event, and needed to edit a video quickly, as well as convert from 4K for YouTube. I didn’t have a powerful laptop or rig with me, but I did have Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, and boy did it help me out!

Let’s take a look at a few of the options available to you.

  • Converting local media
  • Editing (trim, crop, filter) media files
  • Download from external sites and export video
  • Burn DVD of mastered project
  • Transfer video to a device using presets
  • Fix metadata in video files
  • Convert video to VR format (not tested)
  • Cast to TV
  • Record screen (screen capture)
  • Convert a video/picture to a GIF


Converting – Wondershare


Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate’s functions are many but without doubt the main use of this application is to convert video files from one format to another. Once you have the video you want to convert loaded, all you need do is select from one of the preset profiles. If you want to get more granular you can, but there is often no need. There are profiles for smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, TV and STBs amongst the over 150 others. Experiment yourself, but I found that most of the obvious options work just fine (such as “Smartphones” for smartphone media playback).Everything is easy to use within this software and there are other free alternatives such as Handbrake out there that have an equally clean UI, Wondershare’s offering delivers more utility than just converting, for example the YouTube downloader tool. Simply copy and paste in the URL and download and re-encode. No more using tacky websites to do the conversion!

You’d expect the quality of the conversion to be top notch on any piece of software calling this out as their main feature and Wondershare doesn’t disappoint. We couldn’t find any anomalies with the converted file. There’s no quality loss. you wouldn’t expect any but some of the more advanced products we’ve used make it difficult to get perfect conversions.
As you might expect from this Gold Award Winner, the quality of the converted video is all but identical to the original. Our video experts were hard pressed to find any flaws in the picture or audio of the converted file. In short, unless you have superhuman vision or hearing, there’s no reason to worry about any quality loss when converting videos with Wondershare. This program also allows you to burn your converted videos onto DVD. This may seem quaint to younger users, but it is always a good choice to have a physical backup of your video files somewhere in case something happens to your hard drive. And it has the added bonus of allowing you to watch your videos in any device that has an optical drive.

Conclusion – Wondershare


We’ve rounding out this quick overview of a product that got me out of a sticky situation when I didn’t have my main editing rig handy. Quite simply, I would alternate between this and Handbrake depending on the solution required, but I can see me using the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software more often than not due to its added utility.

It’s clean, its precise in its operation, it’s speedy (depending on Internet connection when downloading and exporting video), and it’s relatively cheap – check it out!

Download: Here 


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