What To Expect From IFA2019

IFA opens to the public this week on September 6th, however, a gaggle (my collective term for a group of tech enthusiasts and journalists) of press will be en route a few days earlier to take in the sights and attend briefings and hands-on events with the latest tech. What do we expect to see from IFA 2019?

In the last month, those who frequent technology websites will have been treated by a growing swath of adverts from the worlds biggest Tech companies, all teasing their upcoming products. Some create mind-boggling videos whilst others post abstract posters with no context. All will be revealed shortly, but here’s what we’re expecting to see over the next few days of our IFA 2019 press trip.


We’re starting with audio as this is often an overlooked segment at IFA with smartphones and mobile computing usually taking over, with OLED TVs having a larger presence recently too.

We’re expecting Sony announce some headphones again this year as IFA is usually where they look to deliver their flagship products such as the WH-1000XM3 from last year. Whilst we’re not expecting an updated generation of their class-leading over-the-ear headphones, we do expect that Sony will offer something a little more reasonably priced and possibly fitness-based at this year’s event.

We’re also sure to see a plethora of Bluetooth speakers with a bunch of added features. Sonos, Bose, and Huawei might all look to deliver Digital Assistant-integrated offerings at IFA 2019.


Whilst Mobile World Congress over in Barcelona is usually the more mobile-tech focused event in Europe each year, Berlin has increasingly become the location for many companies to launch their latest flagship smartphones, at IFA.

This year we’re expecting HMD to announce some new Nokia mid-range smartphone devices in the 5.2, 6.2 and 7.2 at IFA, whilst we’re not expecting a flagship update to the Nokia 9 just yet. The Nokia mid-range offered some of the best performance-per-pound handsets in the market last year, so this year’s devices look set to be interesting.

Huawei also has a presence at IFA this year, and again, whilst we’re not expecting a flagship device being released given they announced only recently their September launch event for the Mate 30 device, we are expecting some information on their 5G presence in their existing range. They might also touch on their forthcoming HarmonyOS, devices it might ship with and delve a little deeper under its hood. We certainly hope so.

LG always have something worth checking out at IFA, and this year we might see a revamped LG G8X which will deliver an in-display fingerprint scanner. The Korean giants will also be showing off their mid-range K50S and K40S devices, on the floor.

Honor, the Huawei-sub brand, will also be showcasing some devices, with their event likely to be promoting European outings of existing Far East devices. The Honor 9X and 9X Pro seem the most likely having only recently been released in China, although Honor could spring a surprise or two.

Sony, alongside their audio devices, will undoubtedly showcase a number of new devices at their event on the 5th September, with a successor to the Xperia 1 being mooted, and we expect TCL to be pushing their own-brand devices this year, with less emphasis on their BlackBerry-branded units. We could even see the first foray into the foldable market from TCL at IFA 2019.

Last but not least, there’s a Samsung event on the 5th September, where there are rumours gathering pace of a renewed Galaxy Fold announcement, most likely centred on a new launch date. Should this happen, we’ll be there to give you the latest updates.


Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo and many more all use IFA as an event to showcase their latest device revisions and we’re expecting the same at this year’s event.

After Acer launched their “Thanos” gaming centre at last years event, we’re intrigued to see what their September 5th event has to offer us this year. We’d expect mild revisions of their Swift lineup.

Qualcomm will no doubt be shouting from the rooftops about laptops leveraging their 5G modems, and we expect Intel to be discussing revisions their line-up of chips also.

We’re not expecting anything ground-breaking from the Computing companies attending this yea’s IFA, but if we see it, we’ll post it!

Looking Forward To It?

What announcements are you specifically looking forward to, and are you hoping for a surprise in a particular category? Perhaps you want to see innovation in the Wearable space, or another Acer “Thanos” offering. Either way, please leave a comment below and let us know.

There’s much more to come from us during IFA 2019.

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