Review: Ottim USB C Travel Charger

When it comes to desktop chargers there are plenty of options at various prices. Sure you can get good cheap units but you can also stumble across really bad ones. The Ottim Travel Charger sits somewhere in between.

I would like to thank the kind folks over at Ottim for sending me a sample ouer to review.


Like with other chargers it’s nothing flashy. Opening the box reveals the documentation, and just tucked under that, the unit itself in a plastic bag. Pulling out the cardboard separator you find the included power cable. It uses the figure of 8 plug so you can easily buy different cables if you plan on going to countries, or if you lose the cable.

Tour of The Unit

Just like the packaging, it is again a simple affair. At the back you’ll find the figure of 8 connection. There isn’t anything on the sides of note. Heading to the front you’ll find a blue LED, the 2 USB Type-A ports and the one Type-C port. On top towards the back, you’ll find what appears to be a metal strip that wraps around the whole of the device, purely for design purposes, and finally on the bottom is some regulatory information. The rest of the device is finished in a matte coating, meaning that it likes to collect dust and bits of grime.



After plugging in the Ottim Travel Charger I connected the iPhone 7 Plus (expect a review on that soon) to the charger to test. After five minutes the charger seemed to get a little warm on top, but only around where the USB ports are. Luckily, after keeping an eye on it, it didn’t appear to get any warmer over time even after connecting my Nexus 6P to it over Type-C.

Charging speeds are as expected. It appears to charge everything connected at the best speed available to the charging unit. Whilst I don’t have a USB power draw utility, from what I can deduce from how long it took the devices to charge, it seemed similar to the included chargers with the devices I was testing. Again the heat around the USB ports was noticeable (something I’ve never noticed with my RavPower unit). Despite it being warm I’ve gotten used to it and it now lives on my desk with my RavPower unit next to my bed.

I personally think I can feel to heat due to the material. The RavPower unit is made of a thicker plastic which perhaps insulates more. If anyone has a better theory please do let me know in the comments below. As previously mentioned after keeping an eye on it I feel like I can trust it as it doesn’t seem to escalate past a certain point.

Its other claim is that it can power a MacBook over Type-C connection. Whilst I don’t own a MacBook (feel free to donate one Apple!) or any other device (besides my 6P) that uses Type-C, I can’t test that. However it can output 29W 14.5V / 2A, which from my understanding is punchy enough to charge one, albeit at a slower time.


If you can’t tell I’ve gotten on quite well with this one. Whilst it puts out a little heat, I have confidence in it. This cost £15.99 and my RavPower one cost me £11.99 about a year ago, though it can now be found for £10.99 and you get 4 Type-A ports on that. It basically comes down to if you want or need the Type-C port. For me I can live without it, but if you can’t then the Ottim Travel Charger is a good choice

Ottim Travel Charger


Hardware & Build











  • Charges at full speed
  • Has USB Type-C
  • Uses a common power lead
  • Saves space


  • Matte collects just about everything
  • Gets warm

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