Three Mobile Tech Stocking Fillers

It’s that time again. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas it seems! What can you buy that Tech Loving friend of yours this festive season? We have a few little stocking fillers to help you out.

Mobile Phone Case – £12.99 from MobileFun

There are many many phone cases; some are pink with Unicorns on, some are matte black and some are Christmas themed. Whatever one you choose make sure that it’s of some quality, like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro Carbon Fibre Case from Olixar. This case has a rigid yet forgiving feel, with a lovely carbon fibre aesthetic as well as Olixar’s seal of approval when it comes to ensuring any dropped device gets a heavy dose of protection.

Unlike similar cases at this price point, the buttons feel as tactile in the case as they do out of it, and the edges of the case do not take away from the Mate 20 Pro’s waterfall screen.

Head on over to look at all of MobileFun’s phone cases

Universal Phone Stand – £9.99 from MobileFun

Another mobile phone related tech treat is this universal phone stand which, as the name implies, fits any phone by using the adjustable grip found on many-a-selfie stick. An adhesive base helps to steady the stand, which can be used on a desk as easily as on a car’s dashboard, and the fact the stand can pivot through portrait and landscape means it’s perfect for a multitude of use cases.

At just under a tenner, this is one tech-related stocking filler that is not going to break the bank, and might get you out of a ‘sticky’ situation if you’ve forgotten that second cousin twice removed on your pressie list!

More mobile phone peripherals are available from MobileFun. Had on over and check them out.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – £29.99 from Amazon UK

The wave of Alexa-enabled devices shows no sign of stopping any time soon, but let’s look at Amazon’s own devices for inspiration here. The 3rd generation Echo Dot is both sleek and refined, and is still powerful and is a perfect entry point for those seeking to dip their toes into the ever-expanding smart home waters.

The Echo Dot not only acts as a Bluetooth (or WiFi) connected speaker to play music from your device or various streaming services, but it can act as your digital assistant, with Alexa on hand to answer many questions, and have her IQ tweaked with a growing catalogue of ‘skills’ which can be added for specific functions. Then there are routines, which are essentially multiple skills tagged together to control your alarm clock, your smart coffee maker, and the lights, all from one phrase, for example.

This is a little pricier at just under £30, but for a sleeker look than it’s predecessor, and a much-improved sound thanks to a 1.6″ speaker built in, whomever receives one of these will be smiling ear to ear. If they don’t, just ask Alexa to tell them a joke!

Whatever you get up to this Christmas, and whatever tech you get gifted, let us know over on Twitter, Instagram, or in the comments below!

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