MainTool Classi #WTS2017

We passed by the MainTool booth and something caught our eye. “Make your own watch, smart”. We were intrigued!

MainTool based in Paris are a team of wearable enthusiasts who think we’ve forgotten what it’s like to have our cake and eat it.

With the Classi, their first product to enter the wearable market, they bring a smart watch band. Stay with me! This band is a standard watch band that your existing time piece can be attached to. Your existing watch is no doubt more expensive and more sleek than that of most Android or Apple wearables, so why not show it off, and still get the benefit of the smart watches of today?


The Classi has a companion app that pulls data from its wrist band sensors to allow steps, calorie counting and heart rate monitoring; most everything that an existing smart watch can deliver.

Hussain Ahamed (Founding CEO) gave us an overview of their product.

Retailing at $99, and with the lure of being able to use your existing Rolex or Breitling, we think that Classi has some legs to it and we’re sure to see more colour, material options and designs in the future.

For more information about MainTool and their strategy, head on over to the MainTool website.

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