IOTransfer Giveaway – 5 Codes For Readers

The fellows over at IOTransfer hit us up and asked if we wanted to hand out some freebies to our readers and of course we said yes! Read on to find out just what IOTransfer can do for you, and how to be in with a chance of winning one of the codes.

Before we get to the freebies, let’s take a look at the product itself. If you’re anything like me, you use Windows machines a lot of the time and really, the only Apple device you spend any time with is an Apple iPhone or iPad. I know Microsoft products, and whilst I have my gripes with them, the likes of iTunes¬†really get my goat. So, having to use tools like iTunes to transfer media when on my Windows machine I drag and drop with ease, both directions, can be an annoyance.

Enter IOTransfer 3. IOTransfer 3 provides a 1-click solution to easily transfer photos, music, videos, and contacts from your iOS device to PC. IT also helps me import music and video to the iOS device of choice, rather than opening up the aforementioned dreaded application.

It has a number of other features too; it’s more than just an iTunes substitute.

  • AIR-TRANS – Wirelessly transfer photos, videos, and other files between iOS device and PC on the same local network.
  • Converter – Convert video files into various file formats including audio file formats and automatically transfer them to your iOS device. Additionally, you can convert your photos into GIFs.
  • Manage files – IOTransfer 3 allows you to more easily manage and do away with the bloat in your Photo album on iOS devices, in bulk.


IF you’re still searching for a few other features, then head over to their YouTube Video Downloader to grab hold of those retro Music Videos for safekeeping, or grab their guide to downloading apps outside of the Apple App Store and take back some control, at your own risk of course.

IOTransfer 3 delivers a lot of value in a small, easy to use package, and thankfully they’ve given you the opportunity to get hold of all this free, via some code giveaways! Just follow the instructions down below and good luck!


IOTransfer 3 PRO Codes Giveaway

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