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The iMusic Pillow is a very real answer to a problem a lot of people are increasingly having as devices are being taken to bed more often. How do you watch/listen to what you want to when your significant other simple wants to throw the device out of the window and get some sleep! Let’s see whether the iMusic Pillow helped, and what it actually does.

iMusic Pillow

Okay, let me spin you a related yarn if I may? My Wife and I both use our iPads and smartphones in bed before we sleep. I like to read, whereas she likes to frequent Social Media and YouTube, as well as often re-watching Harry Potter (1 through 5 only…the others are too dark…she likes the magical stuff ya know?) before the inevitable drifting off to sleep. That’s fine. We both like what we like right? The issue here is that once she has drifted off to ‘sleepy bye bye land’, I’m left listening to “Expelliarmus!”.

We’ve had this chat before and it always ends the same. She wakes up and turns it down, I turn it down, or I manage to get to sleep before it really kicks into “Quidditch” gear. So when I got the chance to review this iMusic Pillow, I thought I’d give it to her to have a play with and let me know what she thought.

Let’s take a step back – what is the iMusic Pillow? Well simply put it’s a pillow (yup, bet you guessed that!) that has a 3.5mm audio jack for playback through the pillow itself.

Okay, I’m not suggesting you listen to Drake to fall asleep, although that might work too. anything with an AUX out can be used with the iMusic Pillow, which makes it perfect for a loaded iPod Nano, or similar with some sleep therapy music, or just some audiobooks for example.

So, how does it work. Going back to our test subject (Hi Wife!), whereas normally the device in question, an iPad Mini, would be propped up at the back of the bed, and would be emitting light as well as sound across the bed, with the iMusic Pillow plugged in, the volume could be lowered as her ears were closer to it. You can probably hear that the tune in the Instagram post is a little faint. It’s fainter still with somebody’s head on the pillow, I assure you. It’s loud enough when you’re resting on it, it just doesn’t leak sound like device speakers are intended to do.

The pillow itself is 100% cotton on the outside with a 100% polyester filling so it seemed very comfortable when I tested it, and the true reviewer, my Wife, loves it. “Very comfy” was her verdict. The AUX cable is around 12cm long and can take a bit of a beating with all the moving in the night. We’ve yet top experience a pulled wire or anything causing the internals an issue by either pressure on the pillow or stretching it too far. This is good to know as these things are meant to be used, and it’s going to get a workout and your head is moving throughout the night.

A couple of improvements could be made. The AUX cable is a little short and therefore does make it a little difficult to position the device attached to it in a comfortable, and more importantly, safe, position during sleep. A longer cable would be nice in iMusic Pillow 2.0. My Wife has also taken to having the iPad tucked under the pillow which has meant the device can get quite warm. That aside though, she’d much rather have it than not and these small bits aside, she’s a happy bunny!

So, the Wife gets her fix of Hermione and the gang now, as well as using some sleep therapy music, and thanks to the sound coming from the pillow itself, I tend to not hear anything unless I really strain. Win win! The iMusic Pillow sits at £19.99 from MobileFun currently and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The Wife loves it, and I think it’s a great price too. Thumbs up!

iMusic Pillow


Build Quality


Sound Leakage







  • Simple and to the point
  • Comfy pillow
  • Nice shallow audio tone
  • Decent price for a gift


  • No tog rating options

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