HAVIT M9 Bluetooth Speaker: Next Level Glamping?

I spend around 30 hours a week sitting at a desk in front of a set of monitors professionally, so of late I’ve started looking into disconnecting and escaping into the country. Now, I haven’t done so yet; a knife is my only purchase, but I’m getting there. This HAVIT M9 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is part of that mission. An integrated 4000 mAh battery, incredibly bright LED functions, as well as some good audio all play a part in getting me to my goal of a little bit of tranquillity, but with some glamping elements, in the near future.

havit m9


This is almost the perfect little gadget for me at this point in my life. It allows me to continue to play with gadgets, but way away from civilisation (once I get out there). It’s brilliant, no? Let’s take a little look at what you get from HAVIT in this package.

First off, the HAVIT M9 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker comes in a hard foam package within the outer box which virtually guarantees it will get to you in one piece. Along with the speaker itself comes a microUSB cable for charging the integrated 4000 mAh battery, as well as a small user manual (handy as the power button isn’t used to turn on Bluetooth pairing here like with most devices) and a brochure of other HAVIT devices available (note: have a closer look at their low profile keyboard – love that thing). Here’s some more specs to satisfy those of you that want to know the ins and outs.

  • Bluetooth Version: V2.1+EDR
  • Profile Supported: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Wireless Operating Range: 10m/33ft.
  • Input Voltage: DC5V/1000mAh
  • Speaker Output: 5W*2
  • Speaker Diameter: 40mm*2
  • Dimensions: φ9×22.5cm
  • Net Weight: 660g
  • Material: ABS+Aluminium alloy


The lighting has a few colour modes; white, green, red and blue as well as slight tints of these to give some oranges and purples. You can change the brightness to suit your requirements also, and there are some lighting effects with flash mode, breathe and fading options. Personally, only the white is really useful when you’re out and about and want to shed light on your surroundings, but if you had this on a table with a few people maybe a couple of other colours would be a nice to have. They do get bright enough however.

havit m9To control the brightness as well as other functions of the lamp, the buttons on easily accessible on the top of the device. There’s a play/pause button as well as volume up and down and a brightness button. These all surround the main power button which doesn’t act as the pair button for Bluetooth activities for a change. That’s saved for the play/pause button. Connectivity on the unit seems actually quite good which is surprising as almost all other portable Bluetooth speakers suffer a bit in that department and given that this is a multi-function device I was expecting corners to be cut here. Thankfully not.

Due to the aluminium alloy it’s not only smart looking, but also durable as well as portable. It’s quite lightweight and despite being a slightly strange footprint, it’s easily carried in a backpack or tied onto the side of a camper. Also, thanks to the included handle, you can tie this off to the roof of a tent or something similar to cover a larger area with some light, centrally.

As for the audio, I think it’s pretty good from the dual 5W speaker. It’s never going to be delivering the sort of wide-ranging bass and ranges that you want from more expensive speakers, but on a camping trip, perhaps to listen to some soothing tones in the evening or some audio books, I think it is more than acceptable and was too loud for me, alone, in a field until I turned it down. Clarity isn’t the best here either at high volumes, but at lower than around 60% of maximum volume everything sounds crispy. As I mentioned, bass isn’t a strong point of this device though.

What is a strong point however is the utility built into this device. It has a bright LED (thus energy-efficient), it has a Bluetooth speaker, it has a carry handle. It also has a 4000 mAh battery which is good for 16 hours of playback during my testing. This is likely to be a little more if you don’t use the combination of the speaker and LED at intervals also. That 4000 mAh battery can also be used to charge an external device (say, your phone) via it’s 2A USB output. Just be sure to take your USB cable and you’re good.

havit m9

So, it performs its job as a lamp, as a Bluetooth speaker, has portability, and can act as a portable battery too. What are the downsides to this? Well, I really only have a couple. Firstly, the join where the translucent cover over the LED is is prone to getting dirt in it which is a pain to get out. You’ll notice it at the bottom of some of the pictures if you look closely.

It’s perhaps also a little bit for a compact camper. To clarify, this is not a “camping” product, but I was interested in it purely because it dealt with the issue I’d have of otherwise having to take multiple products with me on my camping trip, so it fit my use case. However a slightly smaller and more compact unit (height wise) would be appreciated.

I can have no complaints over the price of this product as for close to £45 this is a product that delivers the utility a number of other products do, in one, and if that’s what you’re looking for, this has to be a contender for anybody looking to up their glamping game. I was, and I did and it served me well. I’m sure it will continue to also!

HAVIT M9 Bluetooth Speaker


Build Quality






Battery Life





  • Solid build quality
  • Portable
  • Good battery life
  • Nice consolidation of use cases


  • More than 4 colours would be nice
  • Not much bass
  • Touch controls feel cheap

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