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Gearbest is 3 years old….did you know that? Well, they are and they have a number of cool flash sales coming your way, the first of which is here. Have a look inside to see what they have on offer!


There are a whole lot of deals from Gearbest all year around, but these deals are different. These deals mark the start of Gearbest’s 3rd Anniversary flash sales, and this one has products starting from just £0.79!!

Cheap Goodies – Gearbest Birthday Encore

Let’s start with the cheap goodies shall we? Well, there are a few to choose from but we particularly like these geeky little things – just 41p. Strictly speaking it’s not really mobile, or tech, but it’s from a mobile tech company so that’s good enough! With the Star Wars hype starting to grow for Episode 8 – The Last Jedi, you can have a few of these swinging from various bags and key chains for less than the price of your morning coffee!


MTT Pick – Portable Hand Powered USB Charger – Gearbest Birthday Encore

We picked out one specific item at just £2.19 which we think might appeal. It’s cheap enough to buy, forget and throw it in your bag, but it might just be handy if you get lost or have no form of charger available. The portable hand-cranked USB charger can provide around 5 minutes of talk time for a 1 minute hand crank. Now, we know that’s not great, but in an emergency, that 5 minutes might be a life saver. At the price you pay also, it’s worth just having it – just in case.

Main Feature:
– Supporting multiple USB interface
– Maximum output voltage: 5.5V
– Maximum output current: 600mA
– Hand-cranked manual USB charger with quick action, it’s green, environmental, economical and safe
– Mini size, convenient to carry
– With LED indicator light


Pocket Money Tech – Gearbest Birthday Encore


If you have more than just a few pound to spend, check out some of the other cracking items you can purchase and head on over to the Gearbest Birthday Encore promo page for a list of all the items – you’re looking at smart wearable devices from Cubot, headlamps, emergency chargers, solar panel lights, keychain lights, cable tidies, RGB strips, and much more. Gearbest have lots of stock in UK and other EU warehouses so go and check them out!

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