Ekster Parliament Wallet Giveaway

Having recently reviewed the Ekster Parliament in Matte Grey, our friends over at Ekster have provided a Matte Blue version for us to giveaway to you lovely people. Read on for your chance to win one of these minimalist wallets.

Ekster Parliament

Ekster Parliament – Giveaway

Not only is this little wallet, well, wallet-friendly, but it also has a fair few areas to store additional cards, money, receipts or more. I personally used the money band in the middle for my receipts, and stuff my money into the backside slot.

For more information, check out our review of the Ekster Parliament Matte Grey version.

For a chance to win one of these gorgeous leather Ekster Parliament wallets, simply follow the instructions below – good luck!



Win 1 x Ekster Parliament Matte Blue Wallet with RFID protection – MobileTechTalk Giveaway

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  1. All of them! Including store cards and airline and hotel membership cards

  2. My dad will be storing his bank cards, store cards and golf membership cards in it!

  3. All my store cards,credit cards and debit card.

  4. debit, credit and membership cards

  5. I’d be gifting it to my Hubby who would store his bank cards, Store rewards cards (which I make him use!) & his gym membership card.

  6. Credit and debit cards.

  7. Stuart Hargreaves


  8. If I won this wallet it would be gifted to my husband so he could keep his store and credit cards in

  9. Credit and debit cards. also membership cards

  10. Plastic ones!

  11. Debit / Credit

  12. Margaret Gallagher

    Pure class – cards and notes for dad

  13. Mihail Kolpashnikov

    Would be nice to store my debit card.

  14. All my debit, store cards and credit cards

  15. My hubby would use it for his debit card and store cards

  16. Bank cards and driving licences

  17. Loyalty cards!

  18. Credit and debit cards

  19. The cards given me advising of various joint replacements I have had

  20. Natalie Burgess

    All myour membership cards xx

  21. My bank cards and my loyalty cards

  22. Bank and loyalty cards

  23. My debit and credit cards

  24. All my store cards,credit cards and debit card.

  25. I think this wallet deserve all my cards. 🙂

  26. my visa card, Green Flag card, debit card.

  27. Carol Anne Robson

    Debit and store reward cards plus driving licence

  28. john prendergast

    credit cards and debit card

  29. I’d be keeping my debit cards, store cards & the kids library cards in it.

  30. Jesse Partington

    All my debit/credit cards plus a couple of store cards I use regularly.

  31. All my cards including my bus pass

  32. All of them from bank cards to store cards

  33. Annabel Greaves

    All my major cards

  34. My only card, Visa.

  35. I’d give this to my hubby because his is very threadbare.

  36. Edward Guerreiro

    Debit and credit cards mostly.

  37. My important cards and ID card, phone numbers.

  38. My primary card

  39. Bank cards

  40. Debit and credit cards, driving licence and reward cards

  41. All of them (about 20)

  42. all of them

  43. Allan Fullarton

    Debit cards.

  44. Would be gifting this to my husband he will store all his cards in it

  45. Bank and store cards

  46. Ann Skamarauskas

    credit and debit cards

  47. Tracey Hallmark

    Debit card, driver’s license and store cards

  48. Bank card and driving licence

  49. Lesley Cohen Wright

    my store cards and debit and credit cards

  50. my debit card

  51. my credit and debit card as well as a few loyalty ones i carry

  52. Credit, debit & store cards!

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